J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Is this not puzzling to you as a biblical believer?

NazNet’s moderator, who also tags herself as a chaplain, told me that she is against “gay marriage” but would not take the issue out in public.

This is so like NazNet: opportunistic, conveniently in-house and shallow “Christian.”

Are we not to be lights in the world—not hidden under the bushel?

Are we not to be salt to the earth?

Are we not to be in the world, yet not of the world?

Are we not to allow ourselves to be hated for the cause of Christ rather than carve out hideaways for safe cover?

How interesting that the open homosexuals take to the marketplace, boulevards, church pulpits, and anywhere they can find foothold.

But Ms. Barbara Moulton, chaplain moderator on NazNet, would have the biblical believer not go where scriptural convictions air. She’s not going to go in open space to state that God considers “gay marriage” no place in marriage.

Yet NazNet prides itself on being contemporary Christian. It says in so many words, “Come to us to talk out the latest and act out the boldest.”

However, one of its own moderators is so cowardly as to state to me that she does not intend on taking the homosexual issue into the open.

This is a direct contradiction, Ms. Moulton. You are showing your cowardliness so brashly. You are also revealing your lack of theological understanding when it comes to the Christ ethic of the Gospels.

Christ permits His disciples no place to cower, to compromise the mode as well as the message. Instead, He told His own to go into all the world to preach the gospel. Preaching the gospel is “out there.” It’s where the opposition derides.

Christ never sidestepped the opposition. He went after them. Further, when they came after Him, He was ready—with power, with logic, with separating soul from spirit.

If we are to be like Christ, we are to be of like courage.

Homosexuals taking to the malls and government steps are in our face. Yet you sit there in your comfortable Internet site office having coffee.

That is absolutely insulting to the rest of us who are carrying the cause and cross where it counts—where the enemy is, where the friends are, where Christ is overseeing the fray.

I am stunned today. I am shocked to read what you have stated to me. It is beyond abhorrent. Yet it is right there in front of me. No wonder today’s church is so lame. No wonder its impact is derided as drained.

So it is that you are among the site’s leaders who counsel input daily to others? This is unthinkable.

NazNet chaplain moderator Barbara Moulton states to me: “. . .for the record, I do have objections to gay marriage. I don’t perform them and will never perform them. I simply am not going to crusade against allowing them to take place in my country.”

God help us!

So there you have it. Simple words that convey just what they say. No doubt as to what she believes. Nothing there to quibble about.

She’s “not going to crusade against them (“gay marriages”) allowing them to take place in my country.”

There you have it, believing friends.

NazNet has a chaplain moderator who permits the homosexuals to get full coverage day and night while she hides away in the site’s underground. There can be no other conclusion reached than that she is a religious coward overseeing a site that claims to be elitistically alluring.

Not so.


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