J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Chaplain Barbara Moulton’s name and email address no longer appear on NazNet masthead page 1.

Has she quit?

NazNet Founder and Moderator Dave McClung emailed me that she was pained due to being exposed as cowardly in not publicly stating her refutation of homosexual practice.

God in His Word states clearly his refutation of homosexual practice.

Moulton said to me: “I am not going to crusade against allowing them (homosexual ‘marriages’) to take place in my country.”

How then can she be a Christian chaplain let alone a moderator on a supposed Christian site? Further, this site states repeatedly that it is a friend of the holiness Church of the Nazarene, the latter publicly not endorsing homosexual unions?

McClung said he was seeking to be a peacemaker about this issue when it came to Moulton’s being in pain and the exposure given her regarding her anti-biblical stance.

McClung was being no peacemaker or he would have made peace with God’s position on the matter.

He would also have made peace with the site’s integrity by refuting his chaplain moderator’s position.

McClung in no way sought peace. He sought to squelch the exposure of one of his prime staff members.

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