J. Grant Swank, Jr.

When Bill O’Reilly asked Sally Quinn questions regarding Sarah Palin’s faith on The Factor, Quinn was all over the answer board.

Quinn went on and on about her recent visit with Rick Warren, touting his bestseller, “The Purpose Driven Life,” and commending him and his wife for being so nice. So what’s that got to do with O’Reilly’s question about Palin? Nothing.

Quinn then went on about Palin giving birth to a Down syndrome child but in interviews Palin saying that she knew she could have chosen abortion.

Quinn read into Palin’s abortion remarks that Palin might finally have concluded to go for that. Instead, the obvious reasoning concerning Palin’s comments was that she briefly was tempted with the abortion
choice but, knowing her faith base, soon buried that option.

Quinn would have her stretching out her angst until it was pitted into desert sands.

Quinn then questioned Palin’s free will versus predestination. Where Quinn thought she was going on that track cannot be picked up by rational mortals. She was smilingly stupid at that juncture so that logical TV watchers would have thrown a shoe through their screens.

Quinn was snide all the way through O’Reilly’s interview, maintaining that pretty smile that was crusted cold. It appeared she was more motivated to show off her fashionable garb than succinctly responding to O’Reilly.

Quinn, a woman, did no favor for genuinely analyzing another woman now in the spotlight. Typical of feminists.

O’Reilly kept coming back to Palin’s simple Christian faith. Quinn decidedly was about shredding O’Reilly’s thesis by positing Palin as an unrefined complicated doctrinal mess.

When biblical believers hear Palin, they know her Christian faith is indeed fundamental; that is what spins secularists on their heads. Nevertheless, Palin is Palin. And Palin is a scriptural disciple who sincerely believes what she has learned the Christian way.

Too bad that liberals like Quinn don’t get it. Too bad that feminists don’t get it.

That all the more reveals the definite split Palin will continue to create throughout America as her pre-campaign revs up. The biblical believers versus secularists will shoot crevices across the Republic’s crust from coast to coast.

Let the crust begin.

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