J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Women should support women.

That’s what feminists preach. They write it as a part of their creed. It’s basic.

Not however when it comes to Sarah Palin. She will not get the support of America’s women in total. Not on your life.

Instead, Palin will split women in two camps just as she will divide Americans into two opposing segments: believers versus secularists.

Women who are liberals will slam, dunk and bury Palin. They will pick her apart more than liberal males. Take for example The View. The liberals there cannot tolerate Palin.

So it will go throughout Hollywood’s celebrities, coast-to-coast politicians and theologically liberal churchwomen. They will slice and dice. They will not care a twit that she is female. And females against a female get out the claws like no other animal.

Because Palin is morally based on the Bible, secularist females will tear her apart. Feminism’s creed states just the opposite. But hang the creed.

Feminism is basically an opportunist swing anyhow. It stands for LIBERAL. Period. Anything conservative—politically or theologically—is chewed meat.

Watch Palin become more and more popular with America’s moralists and then you will witness daily Battle Royal. Liberal women will mount stallions, button up dueling garb and go after Palin’s heart—right there in the bull’s eye.

All the more, feminism’s hypocrisy will come to the fore just as it did during the McCain-Palin run for the White House. Females who despised Palin let it be known by screeching it from the witchtops.

I cannot get out of my head the look on Barbara Walter’s face every time Palin was brought up then. She was restrained but it was obvious that her trying for equality-for-all was wearing thin.

The other three panelists liberal bound held Walter’s position to the close. Their faces turned to stone.

If Palin goes further than putting on the table her book, she better wear thick protective gear. Or else she can continue to do what she does best: hold her convictions solid and let God shoot level the enemy.

I think she will choose the latter.

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