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December 31, 2009

J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Can I tie Muslim Barack Hussein Obama to the Pakistani Muslims attacking Christians in Sargodha?


Marxist Muslim Obama attacks Christians in Christian heritage America. He did so publicly when telling them to slide off the list. Atheists were given equal preference in his inauguration speech.

In addition, he prostituted the Christian faith by using Christian church membership to mask his Islamic allegiance.

Further, he used the Islamic lie to convince Christians he was one of them when sponsoring gospel concerts during his presidential campaign, speaking from Christian pulpits, quoting Christian Scripture and appearing on such Christian sanctuary platforms as Saddleback Church.

Obama’s daily agenda is to wipe out the nation’s Christian heritage for Islam World Rule.

Therefore, what goes on in Pakistan with Muslims attacking Christians with axes and clubs is in concert with Obama’s slice and dice in America.

“As many as 50 Muslim villagers armed with clubs and axes recently attacked a showing of the ‘Jesus’ film near Sargodha, Pakistan, injuring three part-time evangelists and four Christians in attendance.”

The Koran that these clubbers follow is the Koran that delights Obama. By the way, it is the same Koran that Prince Charles stated serves as his daily devotions.

“Two of the evangelists were said to be seriously injured. The Muslim hardliners also damaged a movie projector, burned reels of the film and absconded with the public address system and donations from Christian viewers in Chak village, about 10 kilometers northeast of Sargodha.”

What are government officials in DC doing to curtail Obama’s overthrow of America? Nothing but agreeing with him via the Dem controlled Congress. The same in Pakistan.

“Officers at the Saddr police station refused to register a case against the Muslim assailants, sources said.

“The evangelists said a Muslim cleric instigated the Muslim villagers, who were armed with clubs, spades and axes” per The Christian Messenger dated December 29, 2009.

Same song, second verse in Pakistan as in


December 31, 2009


It’s not worth the money.

You get a fancy box, pretty gold-like liners and tiny chocolates.

Whitman Samplers are not what they used to be. So save your money. Don’t be fooled. With downsizing the custom, Whitmans has followed suit.

There are only two layers of chocolate bits, though the size of the box would have you think just perchance there are more than two.

But bottom line: chocolate bits are not what chocolate hunks used to be when opening up Whitmans Samplers in years past.


December 31, 2009

J. Grant Swank, Jr.

“According to Stop the Islamization of Europe  (SIOE), in the Euro-Med plan ‘Europe is to be islamized.

“’Democracy, Christianity, European culture and Europeans are to be driven out of Europe.

“’Fifty million North Africans from Muslim countries are to be imported into the EU’” per JihadWatch’s “The EuroMed Partnership: opening the floodgates for jihad in Europe.”

The operation is to begin January 1, 2010.

Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (Europe/Mediterranean) is given little fanfare but organizers are zealous. Low-key is the mode; finalization is the goal.

“A ‘blue card’ system is to be created that will allow card holders to travel freely within the European Union and have full rights to work – as well as the full right to collect welfare benefits.”

SIOE warns that America would be wise to take heed for obvious reason.



December 31, 2009

J. Grant Swank, Jr.


They’ll love him as the messiah. They and their next generations will vote for him and his party.

Whatever, Barack Hussein Obama is for votes. He got them when mob hysteriacs kissed him into office. Then he declared, “I won.”

He intends on winning more, no matter the lies, deceit, criminals surrounding him, and every other underhanded tactic. It’s the Muslim way, per the Koran’s Allah.

Therefore, while promising immigrants they would get full citizenship when running for President, Obama is checking his calendar. He told them he would put that item top on his agenda. The first year is moving to a close.

Latinos are asking him: When? They are getting frustrated. He knows that. He cannot afford to lose their vote. Latinos count largely in the illegal category.

Whatever the ethnic, Obama will do everything in his power to get illegals legal.

That of course aligns with his immoral base of whatever he does. So on with signing up those who have broken the law to get into America, staying here with children in line, claiming legals would be mean to cast them out now that they have cemented themselves on to our

Those legals who conclude illegals are breaking the law and should be sent back to wherever are going to rise up against Obama.

They are also going to point to the porous borders that he promised to close shut. But will that inhibit Obama the opportunist? Never.

Just as Obama and shadow government said polls are written by children with crayons, so they will tell legals where to get off.

Read “White House prepares for immigration overhaul battle” at Los Angeles Times,0,4277224.story?page=1


December 30, 2009

J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Mark Hemingway, staff writer for Danish publication Politiken, asserts The Islamic Boy in the Oval Office is greater than Galilee’s Jesus.

Remember the Beatles? Didn’t they claim the same for their elevated position on the planet? Ooops. Didn’t happen.

Barack Hussein Obama’s miracles?

Here is Hemingway’s list: “the right of every American not to be financially shipwrecked when their health fails” as well as the “biggest ever financial support package in America’s history, a major disarmament agreement and the quickest-ever re-establishment of American reputation.”

After all, Jewish Jesus only miracle-dazzled for a comparative few. Muslim Obama is caring for millions upon millions. That then, per Hemingway, makes Obama what his mob hysteriacs claimed him to be—the anointed one.

By the way just as an aside, in Hebrew that term “anointed one” means “Messiah” and in Greek means “Christos” or “Christ.” So Hemingway, particularly for agnostics trying to figure out theology, may be on to something by pointing to the Koran-devotee as the Messiah/Christos. Of course, to hold to that is to discount the messianic claims of the historical Jesus.

There are those who query that Hemingway may be writing satirically. If so, he should at least give us a hint.

But if he is not, then the obvious question is that this Danish staff pen should ponder if Obama is of more significance than Mohammed. That would be a winner enthralling.

Hemingway goes on to state that both Obama and Jesus came from “humble beginnings” and helped the “poor and vulnerable.” However, Jesus still comes in second. Obama beats all records by being bigger and grander.

Never mind that the Obamangst surrounding a “health care” stack mass rivaling the Empire State Building, a mass no one understands and few have read, will bring down the sick and weak. It will put on wait lists those panting for immediate medical attention plus bankrupt small employers unable to underwrite health policies.

Never mind that the U.S. masses are throwing anger darts at Pennsylvania Avenue’s health implode. Only a handful agrees with Hemingway’s legendary spin.

Never mind that the anointed one’s financial lift goes to his cronies and government employees kissing up to the messianic throne through another election.

Never mind that the climate warm religion conclave did anything but place the anointed one upon a global pedestal.

In other words, those in the know ask what Danish drape has Hemingway been burrowing under lately?

Read more in THE WEEK at



December 30, 2009

J. Grant Swank, Jr.

One of the sharpest minds concerning Islam and its dangers is Ali Sina, ex-Muslim from Iran.

He authored “Understanidng Muhammad: A Psychobiography of Allah’s Prophet” and is webmaster of the informative He founded “Faith Freedom International,” composed of ex-Muslims.

Sina write a thesis entitled “Understanding Obama: The Making of a Fuehrer.”

Sina’s insightful analysis of Muslim Barack Hussein Obama is powerful. Sina states: “It is surreal to see the level of hysteria in his admirers. This phenomenon is unprecedented in American politics.  Women scream and swoon during his speeches. They yell and shout to Obama, ‘I love you.’  Never George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt. Martin Luther King Jr. or Ronald Reagan aroused so much raw emotions.”

Sina accurately describes the mob hysteriacs who swooned the Islam World Rule enthusiast into the Oval Office. It was raw emotion that won the presidential election. Logic was swept out to sea.

The question now is this: Do these hysteriacs regret what they did?

Those wedded to logic now have to cope with the anguish hysteriacs got us in to with the Chief Enemy of America seated in the White House.

Sina states: “When cheering for someone turns into adulation, something is wrong. Excessive adulation is indicative of personality cult. The cult of personality is often created when the general population is discontent.

“A charismatic leader can seize the opportunity and project himself as an agent of change and a revolutionary leader. Often, people, tired of the status quo, do not have the patience to examine the nature of the proposed change. All they want is change.

“During 1979, when the Iranians were tired of the dictatorial regime of the late Shah, they embraced Khomeini, not because they wanted Islam, but because he promised them change. The word in the street was, ‘anything is better than the Shah.’ They found their error when it was too late.”

Countless Americans are now wondering if it is too late for our democracy.  Obama has created his own shadow government to rival the traditional American government. He has manufactured his own dictatorship with clones answering his every dictate.

The Congressional Dems bow at his feet. Obama announced “I win” and now breathes his power though not performing anything, yet continuing the charade.

Sina says: “Listening to Obama … it harkens back to when I was younger and I used to watch Khomeini, how he would excite the crowd and they’d come to their feet and scream and yell.

“I was amused to hear a listener calling Fox News Radio’s Tom Sullivan Show and saying: ‘Listening to Obama … it harkens back to when I was younger and I used to watch those deals with Hitler, how he would excite the crowd and they’d come to their feet and scream and yell.’

“Hitler, prior to coming to power had not killed anyone. He was insane, but few could see that. Far from it, he was seen as a gifted man and hailed as the savior of Germany.

“He was admired throughout the world.  He appealed to the masses of people – the working class and particularly to women, and did not just inspire them, he ‘elevated’ them. Thousands rallied to listen to his passionate speeches. He gave them promises of change and instilled in them hope.”

Is that not present tense Obama. He claims the stimulus works but facts are that the stimulus has mainly gone to government workers getting substantial raises.

Obama claims to have elevated blacks and the poor. Instead, he’s undercutting them for Muslim take-over. Yet they are too mesmerized by his cult persona to grasp reality.

Sina says: “They shed tears when Hitler spoke. Women fainted during his speeches. To Germans, he was not a politician, but a demigod, a messiah.

“They envisioned him as truly a magical figure of majestic wisdom and glory. They worshiped him. They surrendered their wills to him. He restored their national pride. He projected himself as their savior. He ran on the platform of change and hope.

“Change he delivered all right, but hopes he shattered.”

Obama considers himself the anointed one. He is fawned by his following as the messiah come upon.

Sina explains: “These revolutionary leaders need foes. They exaggerate the problems. They make everything look gloomy. They lie, cheat and slander their opponents while casting themselves as the saviors of the nation.”

Obama lies and deceives constantly. That is a virtue according to the Koran. Islam’s deity encourages disciples to fool the infidels, even being friendly to them before killing them.

“Hitler chose the Jews to blame for everything that was wrong in Germany.

“Khomeini made the Shah and his westernization plans his scapegoats.

“Obama has chosen President George W. Bush to smear. He can rally people around himself, as long as he can instill in them the dislike of Bush and equate his rival, McCain to him.”

Read more:


December 30, 2009

J. Grant Swank, Jr.

“I imagine how the great jihad will take place, how the muslims will win, insha Allah [God willing], and rule the whole world, and establish the greatest empire once again!!!” reads one post from Feb. 20, 2005 per Leonard Greene’s “Sex Torment Drove Him Nuts” via New York Post.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab blogged the world about his troubles—arousal, loneliness, unveiled females, academics, boarding school angst.

The bomb in his underwear was supposed to splinter airline passengers into their own nirvanas but it didn’t pop off properly, so now we know.

“As i get lonely, the natural sexual drive awakens and i struggle to control it, sometimes leading to minor sinful activities like not lowering the gaze [in the presence of unveiled women],” a poster who goes by the handle “Farouk1986,” wrote on an Islamic Forum Web site,

“And this problem makes me want to get married to avoid getting aroused . . .”

With that sex drive, the dream of Islam World Rule was paramount. He wanted to serve the Koran’s Allah to the maximum, even to splintering himself into virginland.

He has countless clones ready to do the same. The press focuses now on Yemen as the murder supply center. That government is inept. The geography is impossible. The yen to slaughter is high. The Muslim agenda is not blurred; it’s right out there in our faces per the Allah devotee’s own public relations tell-all.

“The hair of a woman can easily arouse a man.

“The Prophet advised young men to fast if they can’t get married but it has not been helping me much and I seriously don’t want to wait for years before I get married.”

All the while, Barack Hussein Obama calls this young Muslim an “isolated extremist.”

Send Obama back to Islam 101. Make him read this manual: ISLAMIC TIMELINE FOR GLOBAL RULE at

Read more at New York Post:


December 30, 2009

J. Grant Swank, Jr.

“We will not rest until we find all who were involved and hold them accountable.”

Obama finally speaks after a two-day vacationing in Hawaii delay. He’s mouthing promises concerning the airline plane almost pop.

So it goes with Muslim Barack Hussein Obama’s presidential authority while straddling the fence.

He’s going to lose rest because of tallying the names of those out to do in America, making them stand publicly as examples of being naughty naughty.

“We will not rest. . .”

I wonder who the “we” is when his “we” is Muslim aligned, that is, the shadow government receiving large salaries for circling the anointed one so that the grassroots doesn’t know how DC is linking up with Islam World Rule.

Could they be the “we” for it certainly cannot be the grassroots or the Republicans in Congress for all of us have been shut out of any governmental proceedings major.

Now to his term “accountable.”

Obama simply cannot make these Muslim killers accountable for he himself has slipped through the accountability rails so many times that he has no idea as to the definition of “accountable.”

Recall that Obama said during the presidential campaign that he would count on the power of words to bring “change” and “hope.” When Hillary Clinton spoke up most animatedly in a debate, declaring that her personal experience in politics counted for much more than Obama’s adolescent resume, Obama countered with the “power of words” thing.

He’s still counting on the power of words thing. Performance is not his prime. Verbiage is maximum. And even that does not come without a teleprompter.

So there we have another empty promise. Obama is going to lose sleep until every one out to slaughter Americans in the name of the Koran’s Allah is propped up in village squares confessing sins against the Republic.

Now to Yemen.

There are countless numbers in that government crippled geography who told the world that they will not sleep until they have popped off every US citizen.

So, Obama, it’s time to go with paper and pen in hand. Trot to Yemen, print out those names and yank them to Manhattan’s Central Park for confessing their sins against our freedoms.

We all know now that Yemen is the murder factory par excellence, at least at the moment. Of course there are rivals, but Yemen is getting the press. So go to Yemen, scrawl down those ids and plug them low before they get us.

Got it? Now do it, or we’ll impeach you one way or another. Since you find devious means by which to squeeze out your government, we free people out here will find our ways to see through your ousting.



December 30, 2009

J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Barack Hussein Obama has lied repeatedly to the American people before and since being elected.

He continues lying as a speaking method. Obviously, having crafted deceit to his satisfaction, that mode will be ongoing.

The Republic has had lying executives before Obama. But they have lied occasionally. Some have been caught.

However, what makes Obama different than the occasional lying previous Presidents is that Obama is religiously committed to lying. It is his conviction that lying is a virtue.

Because Obama is a surrendered Muslim, he knows the cult’s teaching that lying is a must to further Islam World Rule. Therefore, lying occasionally is not his option. It is a spiritual ritual honored by the Koran’s Allah.

Obama lies with a straight face. He lies promptly. He lies on delay. He lies from the Christian pulpit. He lies whenever convenient.

This is the first time that America has had an Islamic disciple sitting in the Oval Office. That man is not aligned with the US Constitution. He is a man of the Koran, regarding it as holy writ.

Obama has a history of Islamic devotion dating back to childhood. He has wedded it to his every thought. It graces his soul’s lodging. He has no question that Islam is the “righteousness” the world needs; therefore, he works with fellow Muslims to bring down our democracy for Islamic despotism.

That means that infidels must be slain or made slaves. Does Obama believe that? Surely he believes that for he has given every indication that he deletes nothing from orthodox Islamic doctrine.

It was Michelle Obama who stated that when the two housed themselves on Pennsylvania Avenue, America would change its “conversation, traditions and history.”

That was said from the depths of her soul. That was her abbreviation for declaring the Islamic lifestyle would replace our American way of life with its Christian heritage.

Obamas despise Christianity. They used their United Church of Christ membership as a mask in order to trick Americans into thinking they were “Christians.” Not so.

Obamas have done nothing to encourage biblical morality, Christian beliefs and convictions in this country. They have worked with liberals to eradicate everything Christian for the secularization of the United States, followed by Islam World Rule filling in the spiritual vacuum.

Because civil citizens loyal to democracy have been purposefully lied to over and over again, Obama should be impeached. He is a fraud. He has the spirit of antichrist. He is the Chief Enemy to America, yet sits in the White House power chair.

Unless Americans rid the executive suite of this wretched specimen, life will grow increasingly difficult for every citizen from coast to coast.

There is no time to waste. It is an imperative, immediate issue that must become paramount if we hope to remain a democracy under God.



December 30, 2009

J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Muslim Barack Hussein Obama told the world that the incident was engineered by an “isolated extremist.”

What incident?

That planned by a Muslim murderer potential who was out to destroy human lives by blowing up an airplane.

Obama continues to mask Muslim threats against America, as he did with the Fort Hood murder. That is because Obama is a Muslim through and through. He has told the public that. Why the public does not get that is beyond reason.

Now with this disaster diverted, Obama vacationing in Hawaii delays for two days his presidential statement regarding the matter.

When he did speak, it was without passion and without logic. That is typical Muslim Oval Office occupant. It is all predictable, now and for the next three years unless Americans impeach Obama.

He follows the Koran’s Allah’s dictate to lie on behalf of Islam World Rule. He deceives to destroy America. He knows that his deity honors him in sitting in the White House with the express aim of cooperating with Islamics worldwide in leveling this Republic.

The truth of this “isolated extremist” is that is the latest in a long time line of Muslims ready to swamp the planet, eliminating infidels or making them slaves.

Here is the long timeline of Islam World Rule:

OBSESSION is one of the most informative web sites regarding the deceitful ploys of Islam. Visit it at

On that site, there is provided a time line of Islamic killings and woundings since 1968. Below is an abbreviation of that time line. Read it and be informed.

In July 1968, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) hijacked Israeli El Al Airplanes.

In 1970, Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) killers attacked bus in West Bank, killing Barbara Ertle of Michigan and wounding two others from the US.

In March 1970, PFLP lodged rockets at US Embassy, Beirut, as well as the American Insurance Company, Bank of America and John F. Kennedy library.

In September 1970, PFLP murderers took hold of four airliners, three of which were blown up.

In March 1972, PFLP engaged the Japanese Red Army to machine-gun and grenade attack Israel’s main airport. Twenty-six were slain, 78 wounded, many from the US.

In September 1972, Arab killers attacked Olympic Village, Munich, Germany, kidnapping nine Israelis and slaying two others. A grenade slaughtered athletes while others were trying to rescue them. A German policeman is slain. Jews killed totaled eleven.

In 1973, Back September Muslim killers slew US ambassador, Cleo A. Noel, and charge d’affaires and a Belgian diplomat.

In June 1976, Arab killers hijacked an Air France flight from Tel Aviv.

In August 1976, PFLP attacked Israel’s main airline, El Al. Four were slain, 20 injured.

In March 1977, Muslim murderers took 134 hostages near the White House. One is slain, 12 wounded, in the seizing of the Islamic Center, the international headquarters of B’nai Brith and Washington’s City Hall.

In February 1979, the US ambassador to Afghanistan is slain by Afghan militia.

In November 1979, Muslims take over US Embassy in Tehran, Iran; 66 diplomats are held hostage. Also, in that month the US Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, is taken by Muslim murderers. The building is set ablaze, killing four.

In June 1981, Muslim killers slay Coptics in their burnt out homes in Egypt. Eighty-one Coptics died with more than a hundred gravely wounded. Eighty houses were destroyed and looted.

In the same month, Anwar Sadat, Egyptian President, was slain by members of the Takfir Wal-Hajira sect. Eight others were murdered at Sadat’s reviewing stand.

In January 1982, Lebanese killers murder American military attache Lt. Col. Charles R. Ray as he leaves his apartment.

In August 1982, PLO killers slay two from the US who were eating out at a Jewish restaurant in Paris.

In the same month, Lebanese murderers slew an American embassy employee by releasing a bomb under his car.

In September 1982, Muslim killers slew Lebanese Prime Minister Bashir Gemayel via a car bomb in Beirut.

In March 1983, five Marines are slain by Islamic Jihad and Al-Amal militia.

In April 1983, an Islamic suicide car-bomber kills 63 at the US Embassy in Beirut. Inured: 120. Islamic Jihad claimed planners of the attack.

In October 1983, 241 US Marines were slain by Islamic Jihad. They were killed in their Beirut barracks. Also, 50 UN peacekeepers were slain at the French military barracks.

In December 1983, Five were killed, 86 wounded in Kuwait City when Islamic killers set off car bombs in front of the US and French embassies.

In January 1984, American University of Beirut Prescient Malcolm Kerr was slain by Islamic Jihad.

In April 1984, eighteen American service personnel were slain by Islamic killers in Torrejon, Spain.

In September 1984, Islamic Jihad damaged the US Embassy in Lebanon, killing two Americans, twenty Americans wounded.

In April 1985, American service personnel were slain by Muslims in Madrid, Spain.

In June 1985, Lebanese Shiite murderers threatened Captain John Testrake in his cockpit of hijacked TWA Flight 847. Muslims kill US Navy diver Robert Stethem, tossing his body around carelessly.

In August 1985, a US soldier is slain by Muslims in Frankfurt.

In October 1985, PLO killers hijack Italian cruise liner. A 69-year-old man is shot in his wheelchair, then thrown overboard in his wheelchair.

In November 1985, EgyptAir Flight 648 is hijacked by Muslim killers. Fifty-eight were slain or burnt alive.

In December 1985, Muslim slayers killed 20 at US and Israeli check-in desks in Rome and Vienna international airports.

In that same month, Abu Nidal’s group seized El Al offices in Rome. Thirteen were slain, five being from the US, 74 wounded.

In May 1986, TWA Flight 840 was shot through, leaving a hole in its side. A bomb explosion was set loose by Arab Revolutionary Cells. Also, four from the US were slain when a bomb exploded on a TWA jet going from Rome to Athens. The ARC claimed responsibility.

In April 1986 Americans were bombed in a West Berlin restaurant.

In September 1986, Muslim killers hijacked Pan Am 747, leaving 20 slain.

In October 1986, an American was murdered by a grenade leveled by Fatah at the Western Wall, Jerusalem.

In February 1989, bookstores in Berkeley, CA were bombed by Muslims in protest of Salman Rushdie’s “The Satanic Verses.”

In March 1989, US Navy Captain Will C. Rogers’ wife is attacked by a car bomb.

In October 1991, Ankara, Turkey, a US soldier is slain and his wife wounded by Turkish Islamic Jihad.

In the same month, a US Air Force sergeant is slain via car bombing with Turkish Islamic Jihad claiming responsibility.

In November 1991, American University, Beirut, administration building is bombed, killing one and wounding over 12 more.

In March 1992, Muslims attack and kill an Archpriest, a Monk, and three laypersons at the St. Mary’s Monastery, El-Mouharak, Asyut.

In that same month, Hizbullah said it blasted the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, killing 29, wounding 242.

In October 1992, Islamics attack, destroy and loot homes in El-Qousya, Asyut.

In January 1993, a Palestinian shoots two CIA employees, wounding three others near CIA headquarters, Langley, VA.

In that same month, Ramzi Yousef was judged as heading up the 1993 World Trade Center bombing as well as the 1994 explosion on Philippine Airlines Flight 434.

In February 1993, six were killed by Islamic murderers. They set loose explosives in the World trade Center.

In the same month, a Cairo café attack slew three via bomb.

In April 1993, former US President George Bush was under assassination attack while in Kuwait.

In June 1993, Islamics ambush UN peacekeeping personnel, killing 23.

In August 1993, Islamics kill 4 from US in Somalia.

In September 1993, Muslim murderers shot down US UH-60 blackhawk over Mogadishu. Servicemen’s bodies were strewn in the streets. In October, American service personnel’s bodies were dragged through the avenues of Mogadishu.

In July 1994, a bomb explosion set by Islamics in Buenos Aires, laid low Jewish organization headquarters, killing over 85, wounding over 200.

In December 1994, an Islamic bomb on Philippine Airlines Flight 434 killed Haruki Ikegami, Japanese businessman.

In that same month, Armed Islamic Group took hold of Air France Flight to Algeria.

In March 1995, Islamics opened fire on US Consulate van in Karachi, slaying two US diplomats and wounding a third.

In September 1995, a grenade was thrown through the US Embassy window, Moscow.

In November 1995, a car bomb at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, US military location slew seven, wounding 60. Islamist Movement for Change and Fighting Advocates of God took responsibility.

In that same month, a suicide bomber killed 16 at the Egyptian Embassy, Islamabad, Pakistan.

In February 1996, Muslims in Egypt took a Coptic village, leveling homes, animal, crops and fields.

In June 1996, a fuel truck exploded near Dharan, Saudi Arabia with 19 Americans slain by Husbollah.

In August 1996, French Archbishop of Oran’s home was bombed, slaying him and his chauffeur. The Algerian Armed Islamic Group did it.

In December 1996, a Paris subway train was exploded, killing four, wounding 86.

In February 1997, a dozen Coptic Christians are killed while worship in their Abu Quorcas church.

In the same month, an Islamic teacher fired at tourists at the Empire State Building New York, NY. A Danish national was killed, visitors were wounded.

In November 1997, Islamics slew four American auditors for Union Texas Petroleum Company and their Pakistani driver in Karachi. The Islamic Inqilabi Council and the Aimal Secret
Committee said they did it.

In the same month, 58 were slain by murderers at the Hatshepsut’s Temple, Egypt.

In August 1998, bombs bases the US embassies in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Blasts slew 247 in Nairobi and 10 in Dar es Salaam, more then 5000 wounded.

In November 1999, rockets fired at US Information Services cultural center and UN offices in Islamabad, Pakistan, wounded Pakistani guard.

In January 2000, Coptic Christians’ funeral in El-Kosheh, Egypt, due to Muslim murderers’ attack.

In October 2000, USS Cole’s port side view shows damage via Muslim attack via bomb explosion during refueling in Aden, Yemen. Seventeen sailors were slain, 30 wounded. Bin Laden: the ship sailed “to its doom. . .(along a course of ) false arrogance, self-conceit, and strength.”

In December 2000, Muslim on his way to bomb Los Angeles Airport is arrested at US / Canadian border. He has over 100 pounds of explosives in his vehicle. Algerian Ahmed Ressam informs authorities that he was schooled in a camp in Afghanistan, the latter overseen by bin Laden.

On September 11, 2001, Islamic killers international highjack planes, then crash into the World Trade Center, New York, killing more than 5000. Soon thereafter another hijacked plane smashes into the Pentagon. Sixty-four passengers and crew as well as 125 military and civilian personnel were slain with 80 wounded. Another hijacked plane with 44 onboard crashed into Shanksville PA field. All were slain by Arab Islamic zealots.

In October 2001, Muslim murderers slay worshipers in Tomata Indonesian church.

In the same month, Muslim killers shoot into church, slaying 18, in Bahawalpur, Model Town, Pakistan.

In December 2001, Muslim murderers slay Christian community, killing five, in Vwang, Nigeria.

In January 2002, Daniel Pearl, Wall Street Journal reporter, was kidnapped by Muslim murderers in Karachi. He was later slain.

In February 2002, worshipers in a Coptic Church in Egypt were set afire.

In that same month, three Christians were murdered by Islamics in Ilorin, Nigeria.

In that same month in Amman, Jordan, a vehicle was blown apart via car bomb, slaying an Egyptian and Iraqi laborer. The car was owned by the wife of the head of the Jordanian Anti-Terrorism Unit.

In March 2002 in Islamabad Pakistan, five are slain via grenade in a church. Forty-seven are wounded.

In April 2002 in Tunisia, Islamic suicide bombers kills 26 in historic synagogue. Islamic Army for the Liberation of the Holy Sites says they did it.

In the same month, Muslim killers slay twelve worshipers in a Christian village, leaving six wounded.

In May 2002 in Pakistan, a bus exploded, murdering 12 and wounding 19. Al-Qaida was suspected.

In the same month in Kapiisk, Russia, Muslim murderers set loose a bomb in the bushes that slew 42, wounding 150 others. Islamic al-Qaida suspected.

In May 2002, car bombs explode near US Consulate and Marriott Hotel in Karachi, Pakistan with eleven dead and 51 wounded. Al-Qaida suspected.

In June 2002, Islamic killers fired into a Neelum Valley, Pakistani bus, forcing it over a cliff, killing 10 persons, injuring 12 others.

In July 2002, grenades thrown into tourists in Mansebra.

In August 2002, six missionaries taken, two beheaded, in the Philippines. In Jhika Gali, Murree, Pakistan, at a Christian missionary school six are slain and four wounded in Islamic murdering attack against believers.

In August 2002, Kabul Afghanistan witnesses bomb explosion outside UN guesthouse, two wounded. Muslim killers suspected.

In September 2002 in Ahmedabad India, Muslims attack and slay Hindu monks and dozens of worshipers in a temple. Lashkar-e-Toiba takes responsibility.

In October 2002 in Dhabbah, Yemen, explosives kill one and wound four on French oil tanker Limburg.

In October 2002 in Kuwait, Muslims kill one US Marine and wound another as the latter are conducting a non-live-fire exercise.

In the same month in Bali, 187 tourists are slain by Muslim murderers at San Club on Legian Street. Al-Qaida told press they did it.

In November 2002 in Mombaasa Kenya, 15 killed by suicide bomber, 40 wounded. Al-Ittihad suspected.

In the same month in Mombasa Kenya, two SA-7 Strela antiaircraft missiles were launched but missed downing a Arkia Boeing 757. Al-Qaida, the Government of Universal Palestine in Exile, and the Army of Palestine claimed they did it.

In December 2002 in Makassar Indonesia, McDonald’s restaurant is exploded via bomb, 3 killed, 11 wounded. Laskar Jundullah did it.

In December 2002, three worshipers are slain and fourteen wounded in church in Daska Pakistan. Muslims are suspected.

In February 2003, Muslims kill fourteen and wound 8 worshipers in Christian village in Philippines.

In March 2003 in Mindanao, Philippines, a bus is attacked by Moro Islamic Liberation Front, killing nine and injuring four.

In April 2003 in Davao Philippines, a bomb kills 15 and wounds 55. Jemaah Islamiyah is responsible.

In May 2003, suicide bombers storm a residential complex in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, leaving 35 dead, wounding 200. Al-Qaeda suspected.

In May 2003, bomb attacks in Casablanca fly into restaurant, hotel, Jewish cemetery, Jewish Community Center and Belgian Consulate, leaving 33 dead and 101 wounded. Salfiya Jihadiya suspected.

In July 2003, a Catholic priest in Ranala Kot, Pakistan, was shot and slain in his home. Muslim “fundamentalists” are said to have done it.

In August 2003, Jakarta, Indonesia, Marriott hotel is bombed, killing 10, wounding 150. Jemaah Islamiyah suspected.

In the same month, a truck exploded in Baghdad, Iraq, killing 23, wounding 100.

In September 2003, a car bomb exploded near UN headquarters, killing a guard and wounding 18 in Baghdad, Iraq.

In October 2003, a car bomb exploded at Baghdad Hotel housing US and Iraqi officials, leaving 38 dead and 45 wounded.

In November 2003, a rocket was set loose in Kabul, Afghanistan. Taliban and al-Qaida suspected.

In December 2003, Kerbala government and foreign troops’ buildings were attacked by Muslim suicide squads, killing 19, wounding 120.

In the same month, in Baghdad, Iraq, car bombs exploded outside Nabil Restaurant, eight killed, 35 wounded.

In January 2004 in Marathiwat, Thailand, Islamic killers stormed an armory, setting it on fire as well as burning 18 schools, leaving four dead and an unknown number wounded.

In the same month, suicide car bombs strike US-led coalition’s offices in Baghdad, Iraq, killing 31.

In February 2004, Islamic killers blow up an automobile packed with explosives in a crowd of Iraqis lined up outside an army recruiting building in Baghdad.

In the same month, Muslim murderers slay 49 farming community laborers in Nigeria. They had taken refuge in a church.

In the same month in Manveles, Philippines, Abu Sayyaf’s group bombed a ferry, killing 200.

In March 2004, Muslim attackers killed 185 Iraqis in Baghdad and Karbala, Iraq, as they attended shrines.

In the same month, Muslim bombs attacked a commuter train complex in Madrid, Spain, killing 191, wounding 1,800. It was the deadliest attack since Lockerbie bombing in 1988 in Europe.

In the same month, nine from US were slain by Islamics via bomb explosion near Fallujah.

In April 2004, five suicide bombs exploded near police headquarters and academy with 74 slain and l160 wounded.

In the same month, Islamic killers via suicide car bomb slew 5 and wounded 150 in Riyadh.

In the same month, 24 were slain via roadside bomb hitting bus in Baghdad, Iraq.

In May 2004 in Saudi Arabia, Muslims slew six in attack on Western oil company offices in Red Sea city of Yanbu. The slain were then dragged through the streets.

In the same month in Fallujah, Iraq, four were slain via grenade. Mobs dragged the corpses through the streets.

In the same month, Islamics show video of beheading a man who was identified as Nick Berg from Philadelphia.

In the same month, 11 Christians were burnt alive by Islamics in two churches in Nigeria.

In the same month, President of Iraqi Governing Council Izzadine Saleem is slain by Islamic murderers.

In the same month, two are slain by a bomb at a shrine. Fifty others were wounded.

In the same month, in Ambon, Indonesia, bombs kill one and injure 13 in a Christian neighborhood. Another bomb goes off near a church.

In the same month in Barentu Nrritrea, seven are slain and 80 wounded by bomb blast.

In the same month in Pattani Thailand, Islamics kidnap Buddhist civilian, then behead him.

In the same month in Turbat Pakistan, Islamics kill a 14-year-old boy and dozens are injured in a rocket attack against the Minister of Education.

In June 2004, bombs explode close to US base in Beiji, slaying 11 and wounding 22.

In the same month in Rihadh, Frank Gardner, BBC’s security correspondent, was critically injured and his cameraman Simon Cumbers was slain.

In the same month, car bombs exploded near American base in Taji, killing nine, wounding 30.

In the same month, car bomb explodes, killing US solider and five Iraqis with 15 others wounded.

In the same month, Muslims down Robert Jacob, American working for Vinnell Corp, Riyadh.

In the same month, suicide car bomb kills 12 in Baghdad, Iraq.

In the same month, car bombs explode in Baghdad, slaying 13. Crowd dances in the streets, showing “Down with the USA!”

In the same month, artillery shells slay 35, wound 138 in Baghdad, Iraq.

In the same month, US hostage Paul Marshal Johnson, American engineer for Lockheed Martin, is beheaded by Al-Qaeda.

In the same month in Zainapora India, Lashkar-e-Toiba murders kidnap two, later slitting their throats.

In July 2004 in Jakarta Indonesia, a priest was slain and four wounded when gunmen attacked their church. It was near the site where over 2000 Christians have been slain by Muslims.

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