J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Jeremiah Wright boasted on reciting Black Liberation Theology authors. He did so repeatedly when trying to nail Sean Hannity, co-host of “Hannity & Colmes”.

He’d say to Hannity, “How many Black Liberation Theology authors have you read? How many of their books can you name? You don’t know anything about theology.”

On and on he went.

What Wright did not know is that Hannity does know his theology, having graduated from St. Pius X Preparatory Seminary. It’s just not the lowbrow excuse for theology known as “Black Liberation Theology.”

This mix-and-match of revolutionary schemes by which to create racist wars in America is far from the New Testament Gospel accounts. It has nothing to do with Christ and His mission. In fact, it is total opposition to Christ, His sacrificial death, and the good news of salvation.

The facts are that this “theology” is not black in the sense of skin color. It is black in that its source is hell’s caverns. It is not liberating. It is binding and imprisoning. It is not theology in the legitimate definition. It is cultic writ for poor, duped disciples who don’t know the Bible well enough to counter the hoax.

First, so-called BLT is not biblical. Though it starts out with Moses liberating Hebrews from Egyptian slavery, making that parallel to present-day blacks freeing up blacks from “the white value system,” there is no legitimate exegetical parallel. It’s a misuse of Scripture and black orators making lots of cash off of the prostitution know that.

Nevertheless, their black hearers don’t know that. And in that is the major hoax. It is devilment plain and simple. Just as white Benny Hinn has made millions off of “spiritual healing,” so these blacks have made their millions off of this demonic “theology.”

Wright is prime proof of that with his multi-million dollar mansion-with-elevator. By the way, he’s not a suffering black. He’s housed alongside whitey’s golf course in an exclusive white section, far removed from the downtrodden blacks he supposedly seeks to set free.

Second, it’s Marxist at its base.

James Cone originated the hoax with his book “A Black Theology of Liberation” (1970). Since then he’s become the saint of the non-theology. Blacks are the oppressed. Whites are the slave owners. The former must win over the latter by throwing off “middleclassness.”

“‘In God of the Oppressed,’ Cone said that Marx’s chief contribution is ‘his disclosure of the ideological character of bourgeois thought, indicating the connections between the ‘ruling material force of society’ and the ‘ruling intellectual’ force.’

“Marx’s thought is useful and attractive to Cone because it allows black theologians to critique racism in America on the basis of power and revolution” per assistant professor of theology at Covenant Theological Seminary black Anthony B. Bradley on “The Marxist Roots of Black Liberation Theology” at the Acton Commentary website.

In 1979, Cornel West supported the alliance between bogus BLT and Marxism in his essay “Black Theology and Marxist Thought.” Other blacks added their warp to Cone’s and West’s misuse of the term “theology,” thus providing Wright with plenty of quotes from the pantheon of antibiblical voices on the dark side.

Third, this spirit of antiChrist weaving of hate and fear in the name of “Christian theology” is demonic. There is nothing about BLT that the Holy Spirit can bless for it is based on what the Holy Spirit abhors, that is, being quagmired in despair and depression.

The Holy Spirit has come to liberate mortals in the freeing grace of Christ. The Holy Spirit seeks to imbed faith and joy, hope and assurance.

These blacks make their money off of spite and warring whites. They make lots of cash when passing offering plates after stirring up their spiritually blind adherents to revolutionize against America.

The Holy Spirit does not set disciples on edge with animosity and plots to destroy. The Holy Spirit furthers the compassionate work of Christ both on Earth and in the lives of dedicated disciples.

Wright and clones would blow up whites, lay low the Republic and take over in the name of BLT. That is atheistic Marxism, not the biblical Theos. That is straight from hell, not heaven’s way of thinking and building friendship bridges to others.

Wright is an agent of Satan. His colleagues will answer severely at the Judgment Seat of Christ for leading thousands upon thousands astray with their demonic “theology.”

The following is from a Jeremiah Wright sermon, “And God Said to Moses: I Hate Those Honkey-A– Crackers” as posted at IMAO’s website:

Now this is outright blasphemy against Christ. Read it and call it what it is – the spirit of antiChrist:

“Now some tell me that we shouldn’t be for killing the honkeys. We should just turn the other cheek. Who says this? That cracker Jesus!

“Well, answer me this: Has Jesus ever been called a [n-word]? Did anyone invent AIDS to kill Jesus?

“Well, maybe Jesus should not be lecturing the black man on what he should and should not be doing. As we speak, the government is working on plans to send all black people to Venus! That’s right: NASA is going to send us to Venus where it is inhospitable to life and we will all die.

“So what does Jesus have to say about that? Nothing! God bless Jesus? No. God [expletive] Jesus!

“To hell with him! Throw his cracker a– out of here!”

The sermon begins with this opening paragraph: “When Moses finally escaped the Egyptians, he turned to God and asked, ‘There could surely be no one as bad at those people?’

“God said to Moses, ‘Yes there are. Beware the honkeys. Beware the crackers. Especially beware the Jews. I hate all those people. Frankly, if you blow up their buildings, that’s okay with me.'”

Jeremiah Wright is no Christian preacher. Diatribe as above is satanic. Any biblical clergyperson will vouch for that. There is no question when a biblical believer reads that kind of madness. It is satanic.

I do not believe then that Muslim B. Hussein Obama did not hear that kind of blasphemy over the two decades he sat in that sanctuary. Michelle heard it also. They both listened and took it in.

Why then did Muslim B. Hussein Obama remain there?

Because he thought, with the congregation numbering into the thousands, it would be politically advantageous to his future.

And it was. With that he became popular in Illinois which led to him making it to the US Congress.

In being politically opportunistic by joining that political plant called a “church,” Muslim Obama had likewise to join hands with Nation of Islam Louis Farakkhan for the latter was within Muslim Obama’s political district.

In being friends to Farrakhan and that Muslim conclave, Muslim Obama employed some of those in NOI on his Congressional and campaign staff.

Muslim Obama tolerated outright blasphemy, the misuse of the name of Jesus, the maligning of the ministry and incarnation of the Son of God.

For that, Muslim Obama will pay a dear price at the Judgment Seat of Christ. His soul is in grave danger of damnation.

Adding to his political opportunism by aligning with a mentor blasphemer and Islamic organizations, Muslim Obama also damns his soul by endorsing killing infants in wombs, sodomy, human stem cell research, and erasing the Judeo-Christian heritage from the US in favor of melding all religions into one.

All of the above is absolutely counter to God’s Word.


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