J. Grant Swank, Jr.

In a short time, we will know.

Sen. Joseph Lieberman, I-Conn., holds firmly on his health care positions. That could be the individual who keeps the Pelosi-Reid-Obama demonic threesome from digging the grave deeper for the Republic.

It is amazing what one person can do.

Look at Marxist Muslim Barack Hussein Obama. He’s one mortal. Look at the ruination he has brought to this nation in less than a year. The mob hysteriacs cheered him into the White House. Since then we have seen the country sink deeper and deeper into a lying dictatorship.

Obama is all about his ego. That means he adores his throne. Those propping him up adore their accompanying thrones.

Every despot strokes his own ego. Obama does this daily for, in his declaration “I win” after being elected, he has remained firm in so-called winning. With a demented Dem controlled Congress, he has seemed to continue to win. But time will tell how firmly that win lasts.

There has to come the time when hubris falls. “Pride goes before a fall.”

Could it be that Lieberman’s holdout against Obama and colleague’s power push be the counter to Obama’s one person? It very well could be.

Where does the Christian’s intercessory prayer come in at this point?

I think that in such crises as these, intercessory petitions to the God of the Bible are absolutely imperative. Believers should be imploring the intervention of deity’s power to cut through the demonic grip.

God will answer. God, in his justice, must be true to His nature. To uphold the holiness of His own name, He will act. At the same time, the Bible implores His disciples to call upon Him, confessing their own fragility.

Prayer provides believers the opportunity to become more humble as they confess to God that He alone is the Answer. In this case, considering America’s Christian heritage, God will honor that heritage which started our nation. Since that start, the
righteous remnant has consistently remained true to God while others within the nation have despised His name.

Today the righteous remnant remains faithful. It is that strength from the people of God that works wonders. “The effectual prayer of the righteous avails much.” That “much” is very important. The sincere hearts of the pray-ers sets loose power against the enemy and for the right.

Would to God that biblical believers right now would go to their prayer corners to beseech God to work on behalf of His own moral base, defending those who adhere to that base.

I believe that Lieberman could be that person God could use to upset Obama’s evil schemes tied to egocentricity.

Is this the time for the chastening to begin against a Marxist Muslim who has lied time and again, beheading our nation?

Is this the moment for truth to come down heavily upon America—judgment of condemnation upon the wicked and judgment of commendation for the righteous?


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