J. Grant Swank, Jr.

School authorities are wary of youngsters dreaming of blowing themselves up as suicide bombers.

One young student shocked school personnel “by writing on a school book: ‘I want to be a suicide bomber’” per Nick Britten of Telegraph

Pupils as young as ten are into the Muslim craze. This is what happens when the killing cult intrudes upon a civil culture.

Islamic allegiance to the Koran is antithetical to every other societal norm. It certainly does not belong in a Christian heritage environs.

Christ told His followers that the chief commandments are loving God with all one’s soul and loving one’s neighbor as he would himself.

The Koran’s Allah dictates to devotees to enslave or slaughter all non-Muslims.

The Islamic lifestyle does not in any way wed to the Christian heritage lifestyle.

Yet the civil societies are giving multiculturalism a try; however, it is not working for the host society. Therefore, Muslim intrusion must be stopped as soon as it appears.

“The Channel Project was set up in the wake of the 7th July terrorist attacks in London.

“It is operated by the Home Office and the Association of Chief Police Officers, and works with schools, Muslim communities, youth workers and social workers.

“Teachers and parents are asked to look out for warning signs and police officers work alongside Muslim communities to identify impressionable children who are at risk of radicalization or who have shown an interest in extremist material, either on the internet or in books.”

Read more: “Police discover children as young as seven being groomed for terrorism” at


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