J. Grant Swank, Jr.

There is a “new scientific study” that concludes prayers don’t heal the sick. Of course not. If there is ever any legitimate, heaven-sanctioned healing of any disease—whether physical, mental, emotional, familial or whatever—it is God who does the healing.

Of course, the devil can heal, too. Jesus acknowledged that when He warned that in the End Times “signs, wonders and miracles” would appear across the planet—due to the demonic powers. Down through the ages witchdoctors have performed miracles, even healing. Cults give testimony to healing powers. The devil want to be so very much the Divine that he mimics the true God, e.g., “signs, wonders and miracles.”

Miracles of the biblical God are always because of Jesus our Mediator at the right hand of the Father. A sincere believer prays in Jesus’ name, just as Jesus instructed. The prayer is carried by Jesus’ substitute on Earth, the Holy Spirit, to heaven. There Jesus receives the prayer. He does so as our Intercessor, Advocate. He presents our prayer to the Father.

In other words, the whole Trinity involves Himself in our petitions. That is the caring nature of God. He in His entirety looks upon our prayers with eternal concern and wisdom. That brings much comfort to the genuine Christian.

Then it is that the Father’s perfect will is set loose in the situation prayed for. Jesus always prayed for the Father’s, not His, will to be done on Earth as it is in heaven. The Lord’s Prayer in the Gospels reminds to pray the same. We always pray in Jesus’ name that the Father’s perfect will may be realized in this sphere.

That sometimes is contrary to what we want. It is sometimes what we purposefully do not want.

Nevertheless, if our petition is genuinely from the depths of our hearts, without qualification, God gives us exactly what is best for us. If we are mature children of grace, we accept that and thank Him for it, though it times it may mean to use disappointment and suffering.

However, we always acknowledge that God knows best. Eventually, sometimes only when we get to heaven, do we understand the divine logic behind the answers to our prayers.


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