J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Barack Hussein Obama promised America transparency, no secrecy, open government and more. He has reneged on his promises so America is wising up to a liar.

In his modus operandi, Obama is best in overseeing a dictatorship. His shadow government enforces it. His czars see to it that it stands fast.

However, with dictator Obama in charge—remember that he exclaimed after the election: “I won”—he has finally been forced into admitting that the Republic does not work on a dictatorship. We are a democracy.

When Scott Brown won in Massachusetts, the people did it. The voters in booths brought about the miracle from a Democrat control to a Republican win.

Brown proclaimed that it was the People’s Seat and not Kennedy’s Seat. The people proved Brown correct. The democracy worked quite well for the miracle turn-about in that state.

Dictators Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid likewise blend in quite comfortably to a dictatorial regime with their behind-the-doors shenanigans.
Their hubris drives their ambitions, the latter often against the hopes of the grassroots.
However, in any dictatorship, grassroots does not count.

Nevertheless, with democracy holding sway in the Brown victory, the three stooges are plastered against the democracy wall. Henceforth, it will be difficult for them to continue beheading America as our bodies were to be strewn about carelessly.

The Brown win is a grand slam win for the democracy that this country was built upon. Therefore, in the Brown Seat there is much more than that splendid fellow going to DC. It is a U-turn from despotism to democracy all around.

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