J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Numbers don’t count with God. God has lost in the numbers game. That is why Jesus said that the larger number is on the road to hell. The smaller number is on the road to heaven.

Unbelievers don’t like that kind of talk. But the Bible uses it and so there it is.

With that said, God does honor the small who are the righteous remnant. That is so even when the small comes down to 8 as in Noah’s time. Remember?

Therefore, with all hell’s agents attacking the US these days, God stays alongside the righteous remnant—the few who hold true to the Bible, His Word.

All the more with God working his plan against America’s enemies, the righteous remnant must remain true, strong and confident that Christian heritage America will not fold to the foe.

I was in a fellowship of born again believers last evening. In our prayer time, one of the fellows prayed that God would continue His “shaking things up” in this nation.

I thought of the recent Scott Brown win and the shakes it has given the anti-God politicians who plot the demise of this country.

Then I thought of all the grassroots believers like unto this fellow who are petitioning God from coast to coast. They are scores of devout Christians holding onto the biblical promises.

If you are one of them, make certain that every morning you wake up, you commit that day to God’s plan for your life and the nation’s good. Then at night, do the same.

One of TV’s top-notch conservative voices said last evening that the night before his wife and he opened the Scriptures, knelt alongside the bed, and prayed to God about this Republic.

His viewers count in the millions. So that vast audience heard from a loyalist—a commentator, not an evangelist.

Let us all do the same as he. Let us get deeper into the Word, live more consistently the Word and stay the holy course with God.


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