J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Waiting on the Lord is hard to do. We have brains. We like to use them. We have free will. We like to use it.

But when it comes to following the Lord, let go. Let Lord be Lord and God be God.

If Adam and Eve had not “fallen,” our thoughts would be in perfect line up with the Creator’s. But since The Fall, our thoughts and ways are damaged.

That is why the Lord told us that His thoughts are far above ours. His ways are far superior to ours.

Consequently, pull back your brain and will power to invite the divine play have full control. It is called blind faith.

That is the same when fretting about America. Quit fretting and up the faith in the Christian-heritage-America-planted God. God formed America because of our original settlers’ faith in His plan for their tomorrows.

God does not desert America because it is always under attack. God stays with America and its present prayer warriors. Therefore, keep with that God by childlike faith.

Wait on the Lord.

Say to God when you awaken, “I am looking forward to what You are going to do with this nation. I have faith that you are going to override the devil’s agents planted all around us. I know there are more of Your angels around us than demons.”

Then go through the day informed by the newscasts. But after taking in the detail, surrender it all to the Creator God who has more watchful eyes on the news than you do.

Cast all your cares on God, including your concerns about America. Then wait and watch and pray. Pull back your solutions and let the Lord reveal His.

On that Tuesday in Massachusetts, God had His say. No mortal could have brought about the change but God. He has more changes with real hope in store.

All you have to do is wait on the Lord, praise Him for His interventions, give Him the credit and move on.

It’s a wonderful way to live in faith.


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