J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Moses walked down to the Red Sea. Hordes of Hebrews stood behind him. They had just fled Egypt’s slave pits.

All Moses had in his hand was a stick. That’s it. A stick.

But God told Moses to obey Him with a mere stick between his fingers. Then God instructed Moses to lift the stick over the waters.

Swiftly those waters separated. Quickly. They swooshed to right and left leaving a wide path in between.

Don’t you imagined those Hebrews were stunned with elation? After all, their spiritual leader was reliable. His God was powerful. Moses proved himself a man of integrity and deity proved Himself a mighty force indeed.

God showed that whatever He decided to do, He could see it through in a flash.

God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Christians have faith in that efficiency that is far above mortals’ thoughts and ways.

It was a Tuesday when God worked quickly. I recall hearing conservative telecasters share their alarm with millions of viewers. They exclaimed, “What can happen within hours to change everything!”

True. God concluded to take an overconfident Democrat-mired Massachusetts to flip it onto the Republican track with Scott Brown celebrated as winner over Martha Coakley.

God quaked the liberal Democrats with a miracle turn-about for the Republicans. In that quake, Barack Hussein Obama was shaken. Nancy Pelosi was shaken. Harry Reid was shaken. And their clones were shaken.

With that, the ObamaNONcare stack was shredded to the floor.

The God-fearing who interceded for America’s rescue from enemies salivating to behead the nation were stunned as Hebrews were stunned as Moses lifted the stick.

With that, God disciples exclaimed their praise toward heaven. They gave God the credit for the miracle flip over.

As the righteous remnant continues to intercede, God will continue to answer their petitions on the side of biblical morality. God will trounce the foes seeking our country’s destruction.

After all, America is the only nation ever begun by biblical believers committing their future democracy to the God of the Bible. Is God today going to forsake that start? No.

Wed that original petition force with today’s remnant petition force and one has a powerful God defending the Christian heritage America.

God works thoroughly and, when He wants, quickly.


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