J. Grant Swank, Jr.

NazNet Founder and Moderator Dave McClung, once in the Church of the Nazarene inner circle network, reveals himself now as a theological liberal.

The Church of the Nazarene has been a theologically conservative evangelical, holiness Protestant denomination since 1908.

If McClung and staffers have any say about the denomination’s future, the church will turn into a liberal conclave void of biblical integrity.

McClung has made enough political and social connections over years to hoodwink old colleagues. With that, McClung proceeds as the Pied Piper of the “new church.” Actually, he is creating an Internet church in competition to the historic Church of the Nazarene.

Serving him most ably in this liberal move are Hans Deventer and Scott Cundiff, both moderators.

These three men paint the site with liberal teachings that are based on discarding the inerrant Bible. In fact, Deventer states that he does not believe the Bible. Cundiff agrees, even professing that the more one researches the Scripture, the more one does not know God.

This is blatant heresy, similar to that held by godless Unitarianism.

I was a student at the Unitarian-based Harvard Divinity School. What I was taught there—moral relativism, Bible as just another book, skepticism regarding divine revelation, and situation ethics—NazNet is espousing.

McClung’s scheme is unbelievable when reading his statements. Then when reading Deventer’s and Cundiff’s confessions, one stands in disbelief that a site stating itself a “friend” to the Nazarenes is in reality an upfront enemy.

Is this another sign of spiritually “falling away” as Scripture predicts will happen at the close of the Church Age? It appears to be so.

McClung works night and day to produce an Internet following that undercuts Wesleyan holiness teaching, the faith in an error-free Word of God, and clear proclamations related to salvation and sanctification.

McClung exposes his conniving egocentricity. He is an obvious theological opportunist. This can occur when a man like McClung gets older and needs to hold on to some kind of power, still believing that he has magnetism with the upcoming generation.

NazNet holds to the annihilation of the wicked rather than an eternal hell.

NazNet holds to universal salvation, that is, that all souls are saved for there is no eternal damnation.

NazNet holds to infant baptism embraced by all Nazarenes worldwide.

NazNet espouses the flimflam emerging church.

NazNet sets forth that the Scriptures are suspect from Genesis to Revelation.



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