J. Grant Swank, Jr.

As of February 14, 2010, NazNet forbids me to get into NazNet. Why?

Every avenue to the site has been cut off to me.

Logic says NazNet Founder Dave McClung and staffers Scott Cundiff and Hans Deventer do not want me to expose their heresies any further.

Moreover, NAZNET DISTORTS http://naznetdistorts.blogspot.com/ exposes detail upon detail regarding NazNet’s anti-Bible, anti-God postings.

In addition, NAZNET DISTORTS has exposed former NazNet staffer Chaplain Barbara Moulton’s refusal to witness publicly concerning God’s abhorrence of homosexual practice. Moulton stated she would not perform “wedding ceremonies” for same-gender duos but she would not witness publicly to the biblical prohibitions of same either.

Since that exposure, Moulton has left NazNet as a staff member and her name and email address no longer appear on the NazNet masthead; however, she continues to post comments throughout NazNet.

The latest revelation regarding NazNet has been Alvin, Texas Church of the Nazarene Pastor Scott Cundiff’s refusal to accept the Bible as the infallible Word of God. He, a NazNet moderator, has stated that the more one researches the Bible, the less one knows God. Deventer agrees. McClung does nothing to expunge this anti-Church of the Nazarene position from NazNet.

As soon as Cundiff’s lack of faith in the Bible was posted on the Internet on February 13, 2010, NazNet was cut off to me. I have been forbidden access following that exposure.

Nevertheless, as of February 14, 2010, South Texas Church of the Nazarene District officialdom has been informed of Cundiff’s NazNet statements concerning his disbelief in the entire Bible as divine revelation.

One wonders how far NazNet will go in its splintering of the Church of the Nazarene before McClung as Founder will apologize to the Church of the Nazarene for propagating heresies.

Then Cundiff needs to confess at least to his local congregation that he does not have faith in the entire Bible as God’s error-free Word.

Deventer needs to make exit from NazNet for he is exceptionally brash in his forthright denial of eternal damnation. He does not believe the Bible per his own confession on NazNet. Yet McClung permits this moderator to continue posting anti-Scripture opinions.

All the while McClung repeats that NazNet is a “friend” of the Church of the Nazarene. It is not. It is a prime enemy and has been for some time.

Read NAZNET DAVE MCCLUNG IS IRRESPONSIBLE AS ‘CHRISTIAN’ at http://truthinconviction.us/weblog.php?id=P3472

In addition, the denomination’s General Superintendents have been informed all along of NazNet’s heresies push. Specific details have been sent to the Superintendents every time NazNet heresy exposures have been placed on the Internet.

I have sent to McClung, Cundiff and Deventer the following article detailing faith in the Bible as the infallible Word of God; however, NazNet’s power clique continues to hold to the Bible being laden with errors.

Read “Yes, you can believe in the Old Testament God” at RenewAmerica.com http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/swank/100209

Read NAZNET DISTORTS at http://naznetdistorts.blogspot.com/


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