J. Grant Swank, Jr.

“. .. ye. . .shall leave me alone; and yet I am not alone, because the Father is with me.” John l6:32

The sadness upon the heart of God is unbelievable. Surely He is personal deity with His own emotions.

Jesus is near to being murdered. He warns His friends. He even tells them that they are going to cave under. Then He states boldly that they will “. . .leave me alone. . .” In other words, they will turn-coat.

Awesome lonesomeness struck into the spirit of the Messiah Christ. “He came unto His own; His own received Him not.” But when those who received Him still reneged on His mission, that had to be near the limit.

However, what Jesus knew that He could count upon was the love of Father. It was Father who oversaw His birth by way of the Holy Spirit. It was Father who commissioned Him at His baptism. It was Father who saw Him through the temptation forty days. It was Father who charged Him each morning with whatever the divine agenda was up to.  And now it was Father who would be there in the Garden, at the cross, in the tomb, at resurrection dawn. Father would stand by Son as Son had stood by Father.

Mortal flesh was exceedingly frail and undone–clay, dust, vapor of smoke. Yet Father had been with Him before the start when there was no start. Father would remain consistent, true.

When one carries the cross, one must reckon with a traumatized planet. Part of that tragedy is fractured community–to the limit. It is experienced in marriage, family, friendships, church. It is everywhere. And it is painful.

Cross carriers come upon some days when it appears as if all–friends–have run for the caves. It is then at that moment that the cross loyalist reminds His tethered soul that Father is still there, Son is still yoked in, and Spirit is undergirding it all. The entire godhead is loyal to the cross mission–to the close and then beyond.

Cross carrier realizes then that there is finally no geography on the globe in which believer will be totally alone alone alone. Godhead will be there, waiting, supporting, loving.

Those carrying the devil’s cross have no such companionship. But those who are at the crux of Calvary have the assurance that though the world should dissolve, godhead will be sole foundation still.

Today be buoyed up with faith fact that you are accompanied by the One who formed you in mother’s womb. He has been there from conception and will remain there till you see Him at glory’s gate.

Then there is no journey up Calvary that godhead cannot withstand for godhead has already made the trek and proven true.


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