J. Grant Swank, Jr.

I am not racist.

My wife and I adopted a black baby when he was 2 l/2 months old. We gave him my name. We have loved him dearly.

In the civil rights movement in the early 1960s, we ministered in a black community, lived in the black pastor’s parsonage, worshiped in his black church and thoroughly enjoyed making friends of black parishioners.

We were reared in homes where prejudice was not. In other words, our parents were not biased. We never picked up on bias. And so we grew into adulthood being colorblind. We were most fortunate in that respect.

Therefore, when I now refer to black people, it is not with prejudice. It is reality.

Black Marxist Muslim Barack Hussein Obama was swooned into office by countless blacks because he is black. Blacks fawned him, cried over him, stroked him and lauded him as the new messiah.

Many whites who are against prejudicial treatment of any peoples were more than in favor of a black becoming President. Therefore, add those figures to the blacks-for-Obama voters and you have quite a mob.

However, by now we should understand that electing any mortal into a public office should never be because of his skin color. Never.

We have a black man in the Oval Office who is totally inept. That is not because he is black. It is because he does not know how to be President. He was never qualified. His shallowness now blats in our faces every morning upon awakening.

I don’t know of many Americans who now proudly tout Obama as President because he is black. I think his color has basically disappeared as a qualifying reason for him sitting in the White House.

It should have been just that when he ran for the office.

Black as his color should have meant nothing. Yet the Oprahs of the nation colorscaped the entire country with color and more color. It was a loyalty thing for black people to adore and vote for the black man from Illinois.

Was he qualified? That did not make any difference. He was black.

By now America should certainly wise up to the logic that skin color be shunted. It’s not the all-in-all for casting a ballot in favor of anyone.


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