J. Grant Swank, Jr.

“I pray for them. . .” John l7:9

Salvation was procured by Christ for every repentant believer.

After Christ left this planet, He ascended to the right hand of the Father’s heavenly throne. There Christ intercedes for His grace children.

The highest mission Christ was set upon while earth-bound was to see His salvation venture through to completion. “It is finished!”

In follow through to that gain, Christ proceeded to intercede for the saved ones. He continues to intercede. Therefore, it appears from the Word that Christ’s chief purpose has been to save and intercede for the saved.

Prior to His crucifixion and ascension, Christ interceded in Gethsemane for His own. “I pray for them. . .”

Though it is not given much attention in preaching and teaching, study and exposition, it is evident that Christ’s reason for being is to redeem and pray for the redeemed. The redemption aspect is given due attention; but the intercession dimension is not. Nevertheless, to the cross bearer it is most imperative and likewise encouraging. It is our comfort. In other words, we know then that we are not alone in the Calvary mountain climb. We have our Intercessor yoked to us in the trek.

Therefore, no matter what occurs on the cross way, nothing can defeat the cross bearer for Intercessor Resurrected One has already preceded the event with intercession, sees through the struggle with intercession, and will activate climaxing victory by way of intercession. The reason? Intercessor has trounced all enemies by defying grave, death and hell. That trinity then cannot subdue Second Person of Holy Trinity. That in itself is a spiritual, eternal given.

Then no wonder the Word speaks of God laughing at His foes. No wonder the same Word refers to the ransomed mortals not fearing what any enemies can threaten. It is all because of the commission duo–crucifixion price paid and resurrection presence come upon. This duo is personalized within one figure–Christ Jesus. This Christ Jesus is none other than the cross bearer’s Intercessor Victor.

“I pray for them. . .”

Amazing! God prays for us! God Christ intercedes for us–twenty-four hours every day–without stop. God Christ does not sleep, nap nor slumber. He is ever attentive to His own. That is divinity fact. It is reality above all realities. Therefore, cross carrier can count on it, though all hell’s fury may attack. The attack is but temporary bogus.

“I pray for them. . .

Imagine! We are being interceded for when sleeping, shopping, driving, bathing, waiting for a doctor’s appointment, going into surgery, studying for an exam, walking into a job interview, burying a loved one, facing the final hour. We are being interceded for by the very One who loved us enough to climb upon the tree in our stead.

Surely we can carry any cross when we know that God Himself is praying for us. How could we ever lose when God Himself is interceding on our behalf?