J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Windham Hill United Church of Christ (Congregational), Windham, Maine, as well as Our Lady of Perpetual Help Roman Catholic Church, Windham, Maine, both advertise on their posters invitations to their HOLIDAY FAIRS.

Then I note that the Windham Historic Society states on its posters an invitation to the TRADITIONAL CHRISTMAS FAIR. Note the word “Christmas.”

How interesting that a Protestant and a Roman Catholic Church both speak of their fairs as mere secular “Holiday” events while the historic society refers to its occasion by the religious term “Christmas.”

To me it is disgusting that churches bow to the secularization of America. Keep “Christmas” Christmas. No need to place “holiday” where “Christmas” should be.

Shame on the Congregational and Catholic churches in our Maine village.

But such are the currents of the times. It is sad.

Further, I have for years wondered why all churches don’t display on their properties the manger scene. Churches often complain that the village parks protest these crèche displays. Why then do not the church lawns boast of Jesus in the manger? The property is there. The opportunity is obvious. But the yards are bare while the complaints wind up for another season.

This is the time when every believer needs to mail Christmas cards that picture religious symbols and depictions. It is the time when Christmas pageants need to be plentiful. And Christmas celebrations of every sort should flow like the rivers.

Merry Christmas. A blessed Christmas to all. Yes!