J. Grant Swank, Jr.

“The effectual, fervent prayer of the righteous avails much.” That’s the biblical promise.

Therefore, biblical believers are privileged to pray for anything, anywhere to the awesome Creator God. Further, they are admonished in Scripture to pray for those in authority over them.

All the more then that believers intercede on behalf of Marxist Muslim Barack Hussein Obama. He needs salvation through Jesus Christ.

Obama says at an altar call at the Trinity United Church of Christ (Congregational) in Chicago he went forward to encounter Christ.

I have always been suspicious of that telling for the UCC does not have altar calls. Further, the Christ of Scripture is in no way the deity Obama follows for Obama’s value system does not match up with the Christ ethic as set forth in the Bible.

By our fruits we are known, the Scriptures advise. Obama’s life tree does not yield the biblical fruit.

One hardly needs the gift of discernment to conclude that.

Consequently, Obama is in need of a genuine encounter with the Savior Christ in order to have the scales drop from his spiritual eyes, seeing as Christ sees, believing and then living a lifestyle as set forth in the Bible.

Believing Christians therefore need to bring Obama and his family regularly to the Lord in earnest prayer. Obama needs Christ and the nation needs a truly Christian President.

I have often thought that if real believers spent as much time praying for Obama as they do dialoguing about his hypocrisy, divine power could settle upon the White House with more gusto.

I believe that left-of-left Obama is quite pleased in seating himself in the Oval Office as chief enemy to the country. Being a Muslim, particularly taught under the hate-filled cultic preaching of Jeremiah Wright, Obama would delight in nothing more than the implosion of America.

Therefore, Christians must make as prime priority the lifting up of our executive branch and its head to heaven’s throne for God’s intervention.

Without God, the United States confronts a bleak future. With God, the United States will survive this demonic intrusion as it has others in the past.

Christian friend, pray daily for the biblical conversion of Marxist Muslim Barack Hussein Obama and his family.