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December 10, 2009

J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Each year the Christmas tree gets hatcheted by those who conclude it represents too much “Christian.”

What would the world do in December if the Calvary tree was the chief Christmas symbol throughout the Christian world? After all, Christ was born to die, giving His holy life in our place. Christmas points to Good Friday / Easter.

The Calvary tree upon which the Savior sacrificed Himself as our Substitute, shedding His own blood by which the repentant can find salvation, would be utterly anathema to the pagan.

In Golgotha tree’s place, the Christmas tree takes the raps. Note Haagsche Hogeschool college. Each year the institution has celebrated Yuletide with a Christmas tree. But now the Christian-haters have flung the tree into oblivion. School officialdom has confessed that they don’t want the tree up because it represents too closely Christianity.

What that really means is that since it represents too closely Christianity it represents too closely Christ. When I read these reports, I ask myself: What horrific act did Christ commit that makes Him so hated?

Yet Mohammed raped, murdered and threatened on a whim. His name is revered by millions. His Koran is considered ‘holy writ.’ His Allah is regarded deity.

However, the religion-dumb ones permit this killing cult, Islam, equal time with world religions. Islamic banners can wave from campus chapel ceilings. And so forth.

At the Dutch college, traditionally the meters-high tree was seen by all walking through the school’s atrium. However, not this year. In the tree’s place are streamers and lights dangling.

And what does that mean? Officialdom says it means “light and heat.”

I don’t even try to think that one through. But at first nudge, I would assume it represents heathen priority.

Twenty thousand students are at the school. Numerous students “expressed fury on the Internet about the decision not to put up a tree this year.”

So there you have it.

“’Because a handful of religious good-for-nothings take offence about a tree with some lights and colored balls, the rest of the school community has to suffer,’ complained one pupil” per



December 3, 2009

J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Muslim Barack Hussein Obama was quick to tell the public not to jump to conclusions regarding Army psychiatrist Muslim Nidal Malik Hasan’s killing spree.

One Muslim must protect another Muslim. Obama must protect Hasan.

It is the same in Afghanistan. Muslim Obama is bound to protect US Muslim militia from killing Afghan Muslim killers. What restrictions then will Obama put on troops newly sent to Afghanistan? When will the public find out about them?

Obama has worked his popularity into a macabre corner. He has brought the horrific dilemma on himself. America will pay the bloody price for it.

When he proudly stated after election that he had won, he had won what? He had won the chance to lie daily about his birth certificate, his church membership, his ties with Islam World Rule, his shadow government, his czars, his transplanted Illinois crooks into his DC power push and on and on.

Now more and more his lies are elevating him to the impossible. What will crop up next? Fort Hood slayings stunned Muslim Obama. He did not respond sincerely with sympathy to families of the stricken. He was wooden. Why? Because his real sympathy was with the Muslim killer.

Obama is not sincerely supporting our troops in Afghanistan. Why? Because he, Muslim, is overseeing American military who are having to wipe out slaughtering Afghan Muslims. His real sympathies are with Muslim Afghans who seek Islam World Rule.

It is a crazy Oval Office and Americans are reaping the mob hysteriacs who pushed a Muslim into the White House.

Ramadan means more to him than the National Day of Prayer.

Allah means more to him that the Christ of his hoax Trinity United Church of Christ.

The Koran means more to him than the Bible as
America’s Christian heritage spiritual guide.

Fellow Muslims mean more to him that American

Fort Hood murderer stands out in bold relief as the evident example of Obama’s split personality.



December 3, 2009

J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Mohammed was “a psychopath (with) Allah (as) nothing but his own alter ego,” according to Ali Sina, ex-Muslim, webmaster of Visit .

Islam’s prophet Mohammed (various spellings are given to his name, some being “Muhammad”) was the David Koresh and Jim Jones of his time.

Mohammed’s Allah’s religious activism prescribed for his disciples? “Fighting is prescribed for you. . .it is good for you.” Koran 2:216.

That is the baseline of Islam: killing, fighting, slaying, murdering, slaughtering, leveling, conquering, overcoming for the bloodletting. The baseline includes Muslim slaying Muslim such as in “honor killing”—slitting the Muslim female’s throat if Muslim males conclude she has dishonored the clan.

Read the daily news to see the killing cult enveloping the globe. Millions upon millions are in this marching “Islam world rule” army. They threaten every democracy.

And who is Allah? Allah is Satan for he is the antipathy to the Bible’s loving God. When analyzing the Koran’s god, one discovers the devil as described in the Bible: “father of lies,” murderer, hater, insane, King of the Pit, Beelzebub, “that old snake,” the Book of Revelation’s “dragon,” overseer of the lake of fire and brimstone.

Mohammed was “a psychopath (with) Allah (as) nothing but his own alter ego,” according to Ali Sina.

“Muhammad invented this bugaboo deity to fool people and ride them. Allah is no god. Muhammad was a deranged man. He concocted this whole lie to fool people. He was no different from Charles Manson.

“Muhammad was a ruthless man and a false prophet. He made people hate each other. He divided them so he could conquer them. He separated sons from their fathers and daughters from their mothers and even encouraged them to kill their own fathers and brothers if they do not submit to his sick claim.

“Allah was only a convenient tool in the hand of a psychopath. It was this pathological narcissist who craved to be loved and respected.”

Mohammed robbed, massacred, raped, raided. He “assassinated poets for composing poetry that he did not find flattering. He tortured people whom he captured in his ambushes to make them reveal the whereabouts of their hidden treasures.”

All this in the name of a demonically imaginative deity named “Allah.”

And what did Allah promise his devotees for their surrender to his dictates? He promised forever orgies with fresh virgins for Muslim males. Also, young boys for those desiring such recreational sex, though Muslims on Earth execute homosexuals. Females are consigned to hell. All this was the workings of a debauched Mohammed mind proclaiming a “religion.”

“Unless you go forth, Allah will punish you with a grievous penalty.” Koran 9:39

Ali Sina explains: “These are the teachings of a demon who wants to create hate among us humans and destroy us. He is helpless and powerless but he can lie and he can deceive and he can use the fools to do his demonic work.”

Mohammed’s disciples brought him women for his own lustful appetites.

Mohammed beheaded men so he could have sex with their wives in the same night. “He fooled his followers to such extent that one of them allowed him to sleep with his 9-year-old child.

“Muhammad had sexual feelings for Aisha when she was only 6-years-old. Abu Bakr, the history’s grand fool, begged Muhammad to wait for a few more years until she matured. But Muhammad, this sick monster, could not wait more than three years and when Aisha was nine he took her to bed and entered her in the same forenoon.
Muhammad was not a human. He was the most evil creature who ever walked on this planet.”

And so this prophet is lauded as the head of a “noble faith?” These were the words of US President George W. Bush as he placed the Koran for the first time in the White House. The celebration was a dinner for Muslims.

Prince Charles says he is “fond” of Islam.

There are over a billion mortals on the planet who regard Mohammed as the righteous prophet of a “peace religion.” Has the world population lost its mind totally?

Much of the Muslim population is ignorant of the truth regarding their cult. That is why I get scores of emails from Islamics informing me that I am incorrect. And so they attempt to defend what they have been brainwashed as the real facts.

These are extremely sheltered individuals who are caught up in a cult leadership such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC). There are 4000 Muslim web sites propagandizing to Muslims and non-Muslims. Visit

What the sane, civilized world faces today is a threat far greater than Nazism. This Islamic cultic spread has 1400 years backing it.

The facts in summation are: Islam’s deity is Satan, the Koran written by a demon-possessed “prophet,” and is taught by demon ordered mosque clerics.

Some argue that I am too severe when I describe Allah as Satan. I am not. When one reads the Bible, there is no other conclusion that one can reasonably conclude.

Those who disagree are not theologically biblical. They are theological liberals who twist the Bible to read whatever they want it to read. They slice out passages and add words that are not there. Such persons cannot be trusted with their biblical “research” for it is not sound research. One must take what the Bible says and not as theological liberals give it, not as theological opportunists do rewrite it.

Then someone emails me to say that in the Old Testament God prescribed death penalties for certain disobedient acts. True. That was because God was building a sane society from a barbaric people.

Therefore, stiff penalties meant that Hebrews were to line up with the holy law. Weak penalties would have tempted Hebrews to be lenient with themselves, disobeying God easily.

When Jesus came, the Old Testament rule of king was long gone because foreign powers overtook the Hebrews. Therefore, Hebrews, in the first century known as “Jews,” were under Roman control.

Consequently, Jesus told His followers that it was no longer “eye for eye, tooth for tooth.” He said, “I give you a new law. Love your enemy. Pray for your enemy. Do good to those who persecute you for righteousness.”


Therefore, Christians for the last 2000 years-plus have followed the love teaching of Jesus, no longer adhering to the Old Testament prescriptions for penalties for broken statutes.

Yet I get emails telling that down through the past centuries Christians murdered this public or that public. So how are killing Muslims any different than killing Christians?

No. People must not confuse “Gentiles” with “Christians.” Because a person is not a Jew he is automatically a Gentile. Each mortal is one or the other.

But being Gentile does not make one Christian. One is only a Christian if one follows Jesus as Savior and Lord, living His love ethic as provided in the New Testament.

There are many church persons who are not Christians. There are many Gentiles who not Christians.

Therefore, don’t call “killing Gentiles” “killing Christians.” They are killing Gentiles—period. Christians who are genuinely Christians don’t kill, maim, steal, plunder and so forth. By their deeds they shall be known. Jesus said by our fruits we are known as good or bad. It is in the life. It is in the deed.

Presently, realizing the cult known as “Islam, ” it is the old confrontation of good versus bad, righteousness versus evil, God versus Satan. It is not a new conflict. It is the same warring that has gone on for centuries but now garbed in Muslim fanaticism.

The worst a free person can do is to tolerate that which is the enemy attempting to overthrow our republic.

The Islam creed has Islam world rule as its chief aim. Islam knows nothing of peace, love, community, civility and understanding, no matter what the propagandists write on their web sites or in literature passed around a community.

An example of Islam world rule is evidenced with Hamas beginning with Israel by demanding Israel redesign its flag. How brazen to start global dictate by starting with Israel!

“Hamas leader said that Israel must change its flag. ‘Israel must remove the two blue stripes from its national flag. The stripes on the flag are symbols of occupation. They signify Israel’s borders stretching from the River Euphrates to the River Nile,'” according to Arutz Sheva

“Israel’s national flag, a blue Star of David set between two blue stripes was designed to resemble a Jewish prayer shawl which traditionally has stripes.”

Yet there are pro-Islamic apologists in our American universities and colleges, in our pulpits and inter-faith associations. They are in our journalism departments and trying to be elected into our officialdom.

Once they get that kind of overall foothold, they will bring in their sharia, the latter being their devilish “judicial” system grounded in the killing and maiming passages of the Koran. They will bring in their mosques and sleeper cells to blow up our schools, churches, town halls and community centers. They will turn on our neighborhoods and undo all civilization until Allah is crowned planetary demon-deity.

Then realize what the liberty world is up against.

Don’t try to compromise that. Don’t try to rationalize its legitimacy. Don’t try to accept Islam as a religion among world religions.

It is a killing cult with a deranged Mohammed.


December 2, 2009

Many thanks to The Skeptic’s Annotated Quran site for making available this indispensable index of the Quran. This is all we need to combat the Islamic game of deception.

Quran Surah 2: The Cow

1. Don’t bother to warn the disbelievers. Allah has blinded them. Theirs will be an awful doom. 6
2. Allah has sickened their hearts. A painful doom is theirs because they lie. 10
3. A fire has been prepared for the disbelievers, whose fuel is men and stones. 24
4. Disbelievers will be burned with fire. 39, 90
5. For disbelievers is a painful doom. 104
6. For unbelievers: ignominy in this world, an awful doom in the next. 114
7. Allah will leave the disbelievers alone for a while, but then he will compel them to the doom of Fire. 126
8. The doom of the disbelievers will not be lightened. 162
9. They will not emerge from the Fire. 167
10. Those who hide the Scripture will have their bellies eaten with fire. Theirs will be a painful doom. 174
11. How constant are they in their strife to reach the Fire! 175
12. Kill disbelievers wherever you find them. If they attack you, then kill them. Such is the reward of disbelievers. 191
13. War is ordained by Allah. 216
14. Those who die in their disbelief will burn forever in the Fire. 217
15. Disbelievers worship false gods. They will burn forever in the Fire. 257
16. Allah does not guide disbelievers. 264
17. “Give us victory over the disbelieving folk.” 286

Quran Surah 3: The Family Of ‘Imran

1. Those who disbelieve the revelations of Allah, theirs will be a heavy doom. 4
2. Those who disbelieve will be fuel for the Fire. 10
3. Those who disbelieve shall be overcome and gathered unto Hell. 12
4. Those who disbelieve, promise them a painful doom. 21
5. Theirs will be a painful doom. 77
6. All non-Muslims will be rejected by Allah after they die. 85
7. Disbelievers will have a painful doom. And they will have no helpers. 91
8. Disbelievers will have their faces blackened on the last day. They will face an awful doom. 105-6
9. Those who disbelieve will be burnt in the Fire. 116
10. The Fire is prepared for disbelievers. 131
11. We shall cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Their habitation is the Fire 151
12. Theirs will be an awful doom. 176
13. Disbelievers do not harm Allah, but will have a painful doom. 177
14. Disbelievers will have a shamful doom. 178
15. Disbelievers will go to Hell. 196

Quran Surah 4: Women

1. Those who disobey Allah and his messenger will be burnt with fire and suffer a painful doom. 14
2. For the disbelievers, We have prepared a painful doom. 18
3. For disbelievers, We prepare a shameful doom. 37
4. Hell is sufficient for their burning. 55
5. Unbelievers will be tormented forever with fire. When their skin is burned off, a fresh skin will be provided. 56
6. Allah will bestow a vast reward on those who fight in religious wars. 74
7. Believers fight for Allah; disbelievers fight for the devil. So fight the minions of the devil. 76
8. Have no unbelieving friends. Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them. 89
9. If the unbelievers do not offer you peace, kill them wherever you find them. Against such you are given clear warrant. 91 ( Offering peace in Islam means surrendering. All 67 out of 68 wars of Muhammad were offensive. They are called qazwah (raid, ambush, sudden attack). That is how Muhammad waged his wars. He raided, massacred and looted civilians with no warning. The one defensive war, ‘ditch’ was not fought. That is why the Islamic terrorism ‘jihad’ will continue until the West “offers peace”. This was made clear by Bin Laden.)
10. Those who oppose the messenger and become unbelievers will go to hell. 115
11. Those who believe, then disbelieve, then believe and disbelieve again will never be forgiven by Allah. 137
12. For the hypocrites there will be a painful doom. 138
13. Allah will gather hypocrites and disbelievers into hell. 140
14. The hypocrites will be in the lowest part of hell and no one will help them there. 145
15. You must believe everything Allah and his messengers tell you. Those who don’t are disbelievers and will face a painful doom. 150-151
16. For the disbelievers, Allah has prepared a painful doom. 161
17. God will guide disbelievers down a road that leads to everlasting hell. 168-169

Quran Surah 5: The Table Spread

1. Those who deny Islam will be losers in the Hereafter. 5
2. Disbelievers are the rightful owners of Hell. 10
3. Those who make war with Allah and his messenger will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off, or will be expelled out of the land. That is how they will be treated in this world, and in the next they will have an awful doom. 33 (Anyone who resist Islam is deemed to be making war with Allah)
4. Disbelievers will have a painful doom. 36
5. Disbelievers will want to come out of the Fire, but will not. Their will be a lasting doom. 37
6. Life for life, eye for eye, nose for nose, ear for ear, and tooth for tooth. Non-muslims are wrong doers. 45
7. Christians will be burned in the Fire. 72
8. Christians are wrong about the Trinity. For that they will have a painful doom. 73
9. Disbelievers will be owners of hell-fire. 86

Quran Surah 6: The Cattle

1. Many generations have been destroyed by Allah. 6
2. Allah will torment those who deny his revelations. 49
3. Those who disbelieve will be forced to drink boiling water, and will face a painful doom. 70
4. When nonbelievers die, the angels will deliver to them doom and degradation. 93
5. Allah chooses to lead some astray, and he lays ignominy on those who disbelieve. 125
6. Allah will send everyone the Fire, except those he chooses to deliver. 128

Quran Surah 7: The Heights

1. How many a township have We destroyed! As a raid by night, or while they slept at noon, Our terror came unto them. 4-5
2. Allah has made devils the protecting friends of disbeliveers. 27
3. Disbelievers choose devils as protecting friends and believe they are rightly guided. 30
4. Only believers go to heaven. 32
5. Disbelievers are the rightful owners of the Fire. 36
6. Entire nations have entered the Fire. Some get a double torment. 38
7. Disbelievers will be excluded from heaven. Theirs will be a bed of hell. 40-41
8. Those in the Fire will cry out to those in heaven, saying: “Pour water on us.” But Allah has forbidden that to disbelievers. 50
9. Those who deny Muhammad’s revelation are evil. 177

Quran Surah 8: The Spoils of War

1. Allah will throw fear into the hearts of the disbelievers, and smite their necks and fingers. 12
2. Disbelievers will be tormented in the Fire. 14
3. When you fight with disbelievers, do not retreat. Those who do will go to hell. 15-16
4. Taste of the doom because ye disbelieve. 35
5. Those who disbelieve will be gathered into hell. 36
6. The angels smite the face and backs of disbelievers, saying: “Taste the punishment of burning!” 50
7. The worst beasts in Allah’s sight are the disbelievers. 55
8. Exhort the believers to fight. They will win easily, because disbelievers are without intelligence. 65
9. A prophet may not take captives until he has made a slaughter in the land. 67

Surah 9: Repentance

1. Give tidings (O Muhammad) of a painful doom to those who disbelieve. 3
2. Slay the idolaters wherever you find them. 5
3. Don’t let idolaters tend the sanctuaries. Their works are in vain and they will be burned in the Fire. 17
4. Give tiding of a painful doom to Christians and Jews. 34
5. If you refuse to fight, Allah will afflict you with a painful doom. 39
6. Disbelievers go to hell. 49
7. Those who vex the Prophet, for them there is a painful doom. 60
8. Those who oppose Allah and His messenger will burn in the fire of hell. 63
9. Allah promises hypocrites and disbelievers the fire of hell. Allah curses them. They will have a lasting torment. 68
10. Fight the disbelievers and hypocrites. Be harsh with them. They are all going to hell anyway. 73
11. Allah will afflict disbelievers with a painful doom in this world and the Hereafter. 74
12. For disbelievers there will be a painful doom. 90
13. Don’t pray for idolaters (not even for your family) after it is clear they are people of hell-fire. 113
14. Fight disbelievers who are near you, and let them see the harshness in you. 123

Quran Surah 10: Jonah

1. Disbelievers will have a boiling drink and a painful doom. 4
2. Those who neglect Allah’s revelations will make their home in the Fire. 7-8
3. Allah has destoyed entire generations. 13
4. Those who disbelieved will face a dreadful doom. 70
5. Allah drowned those who disbelieved his revelations. 73
6. Moses asked Allah to harden the hearts of the Egyptians so that they would not believe until they saw the painful doom. 88

Quran Surah 11: Hud

1. Disbelievers wil1 end up in the Fire. 17
2. Those who oppose Islam and disbelieve in the Hereafter are guilty of the greatest wrong. 18-19
3. Those in the Fire will suffer as long as the heavens and earth endure. 106-7
4. Allah will fill hell with humans and jinn. 119

Quran Surah 13: The Thunder

1. Disbelievers are the rightful owners of the Fire 5
2. Allah does not hear the prayer of disbelievers. 14
3. Those who do not answer Allah’s call will go to hell. 18
4. Disbelievers will be tormented in this life, and suffer even more pain in the Hereafter. 33-34
5. The reward for disbelievers is the Fire. 35

Quran Surah 14: Abraham
1. Woe unto the disbelievers. Theirs will be an awful doom. 2
2. Allah sends some people astray. 4
3. Those who are in hell will be forced to drink festering water which they can hardly swallow. They will want to die, but they will not be able to. Theirs is a harsh doom. 16-17
4. Allah sends wrong-doers astray. He does whatever he likes. 27
5. Those in hell will be chained together. Their clothing will be made of pitch and fire will cover their faces. 49-50

Quran Surah 15: The Rock

1. Let the disbelievers enjoy life and let false hope beguile them. They will come to know! 2-3
2. Iblis will lead humans astray. Only perfect Muslims will be safe from him. The rest will go to hell. 39-43
3. Allah’s doom is a dolorous doom. 50

Quran Surah 16: The Bee

1. Allah could have led everyone to the truth, but he chose not to. 9
2. Those who don’t believe in the Hearafter are proud. 22
3. Disbelievers are evil and will dwell in hell forever. 27-29
4. Disbelievers are liars. 39
5. Allah will add doom to doom for those who disbelieve. 88
6. Those who oppose Islam will face an awful doom. 94

Quran Surah 17: The Children of Israel

1. Allah made hell to be a dungeon for disbelievers. 8
2. Allah has prepared a painful doom for those who disbelieve in the Hereafter. 10
3. Allah destroyed entire towns. 16
4. How many generations Allah has destroyed since Noah! 17
5. Allah intends to burn people in hell. 18
6. Allah makes it so that unbelievers cannot understand. 45-46
7. Allah will destroy every town before the Day of Resurrection. 58
8. Allah will send disbelievers astray. Then he’ll burn them in hell, increasing the flames from time to time. 97-98

Quran Surah 18: The Cave

1. Allah has prepared a Fire for the disbelievers. When they want a shower, Allah will give them a shower of molten lead to burn their faces. 29
2. Those who are condemned to the Fire know they will have no way to escape. 53
3. The worst wrong is to forget Allah’s revelations. Allah covers their hearts and makes them deaf so that they will never believe the truth. 57
4. There is an appointed time in which the doomed will find no escape. 58
5. Allah has destroyed many towns. 59
6. On a certain day, Allah will present hell, in plain view, to the disbelievers. 100
7. Allah will welcome the disbelievers into hell. 102
8. Hell is the reward for disbelievers because they made a jest of Allah’s revelations and messengers. 106

Quran Surah 19: Mary

1. Allah will pluck out from every sect those who should burn in hell. 69-70
2. Allah will record what disbelievers say and then prolong their torment. 77-79
3. Allah has sent the devils on the disbelievers to confuse them. 83
4. Allah has destroyed many generations. 98

Quran Surah 20: Ta Ha

1. Those who do not believe
2. Allah’s revelations will face doom in the Hereafter. 127
3. Allah has destroyed many generations. 128

Quran Surah 21: The Prophets

1. Allah destroyed entire towns, yet the people still disbelieved. 6
2. The people cried out for mercy, but Allah killed them anyway. 15
3. Disbelievers will not be able to put out the fire on their faces and backs. They will be stupefied and no one will help them. 39-40
4. Allah gave judgment and knowledge to Lot . He was a righteous man. (Genesis 19:7-38) 75
5. Every person alive at the time of the flood was evil. So Allah drowned them all. 77
6. The disbelievers will stare in terror at what Allah has in store for them. 97-99

Surah 22: The Pilgrimage

1. The devil will guide some to the punishment of the Flame. 3-4
2. Those who turn from the way of Allah will face ignominy in this world and burning in the next. 9
3. Whoever thinks that Allah will not give Muhammad victory should go hang himself. 15
4. Disbelievers will wear garments of fire, boiling fluid will be poured on their heads, their bellies and skin will be melted, they will be tormented with iron hooks, and when they try to escape they will be driven back with the taunt: Taste the doom of burning. 19-22
5. Allah will provide the disbelievers with a painful doom. 25
6. How many towns Allah has destroyed! 45
7. Those who disregard Allah’s revelations are the owners of the Fire. 51
8. Those who disbelieve Allah’s revelations will have a shameful doom. 57
9. Those who disbelieve Allah’s revelations will burn in the Fire. 72

Quran Surah 23: The Believers

1. Allah told Noah not to bother pleading for the people he was about to drown. 27
2. Those who don’t believe in the Hereafter will receive extreme punishment from Allah. 74-77
3. When fire burns their faces, they will be glum. 104
4. Disbelievers will not be successful. 117

Surah 24: The Light

1. Scourge adulterers and adulteresses with 100 stripes. Do not show them any pity. Have a party of believers watch the punishment. 2
2. Only adulterers can marry adulteresses. Believers are not to marry them. 3
3. Vile women are for vile men, and vile men for vile women. 26
4. Believing women must lower their gaze and be modest, cover themselves with veils, and not reveal themselves except to their husbands, relatives, children, and slaves. 31
5. Disbelievers are miscreants. 55
6. Disbelievers will never escape the Fire that will be their home. 57
7. It’s okay for believers to own slaves. 58
8. The only true believers are those who believe in Allah and his messenger. 62

Quran Surah 25: The Criterion

1. Those who deny the coming of the Hour will be chained together and burned with fire. They will pray for their own destruction. 11-13
2. Allah will force the evil-doers to taste great torment. 19
3. It will be a hard day for disbelievers and wrong-doers. They will gnaw on their hands and wish they had chosen Islam. 26-27
4. Those who deny Muhammad’s revelations will be destroyed. 36
5. Allah drowned everyone in the flood of Noah, and has prepared a painful doom for evil-doers. 37

Quran Surah 26: The Poets

1. Allah destroyed the people in Lot ‘s town with a dreadful rain. 172-3
2. Many will not believe until they see the painful doom. 201
3. Those who believe in another god are doomed. 213

Quran Surah 27: The Ant

1. Allah leads those who do not believe in the Hereafter astray by making things work out OK in this life, so that he can torment them forever in the next. They will get the worst punishment and will be the greatest losers. 4-5
2. “Allah destroyed them and their people, every one.” 51
3. But he “saved those who believed.” 53
4. Allah sent a dreadful rain on “those who stayed behind.” 58
5. Whoever does something wrong will be thrown into the Fire. 90

Quran Surah 28: The Narrative

1. Allah has completely destroyed many communities. 58
2. Allah will taunt Christians on the day of their doom, saying: Where are My partners whom ye imagined? 62-64
3. Allah caused the earth to swallow Korah. 79-81
4. Never help disbelievers. 86 (Can Muslims in countries ruled in by non-Muslims be loyal to their country?)

Quran Surah 29: The Spider

1. Those who disbelieve in the revelations of Allah have no hope of mercy. For such there is a painful doom. 23
2. Only wrong-doers deny the revelations of Allah. 49
3. Those who disbelieve in the revelations of Allah are the losers. 52
4. The doom of hell will come upon disbelievers suddenly, when they least expect it. 53-55

Quran Surah 30: The Romans

1. Allah will tear Christians apart for ascribing partners to him. 13-14
2. Disbelievers will be brought to doom. 16
3. It’s OK to own slaves. 28
4. Allah does not love disbelievers. 45
5. Allah seals the heart of disbelievers. (And then he burns them in the Fire.) 59

Quran Surah 31: Luqman

1. Those who mislead others from Allah’s way and mock Islam will have a painful doom. 6-7
2. Allah will give disbelievers a little comfort for a little while, and then he’ll torment them forever with a heavy doom. 23-24

Quran Surah 32: The Prostration

1. Allah will fill hell with the jinn and mankind together. 13
2. Allah: Taste the doom of immortality because of what ye used to do. 14
3. Those who used to deny the Fire will be tormented in it forever. 20
4. The worst thing you can do is to deny the revelations of Allah. 22

Quran Surah 33: The Clans

1. Don’t obey disbelievers. 1 (Can Muslims in countries ruled in by non-Muslims be loyal to their country?)
2. Allah makes the deeds of unbelievers fruitless. 19
3. Allah cast panic into the hearts of the disbelievers. He killed some, and enslaved others. 25-26
4. Allah gave Zeyd’s wife, his own daughter in law to Muhammad in marriage. This was so that all Muslims would know that it’s OK to marry your adopted son’s ex-wife. 37
5. Ignore disbelievers and their poisonous talk. 48
6. It’s OK to own slaves. 50
7. Allah says it is lawful for Muhammad to marry any women he wants. 50-51
8. It’s OK to own slaves. 55
9. Those who malign Allah, Muhammad, and Muslims will be cursed by Allah in this life and with doom in the Hereafter. 57
10. Those who oppose Islam will be slain with a fierce slaughter. 60-61
11. Allah has cursed the disbelievers, and has prepared for them a flaming fire, wherein they will abide forever. 64-65
12. The disbelievers will be burned in the Fire with a double torment. 66-68

Quran Surah 34: Saba

1. Those who challenge the revelations of Muhammad will have a painful doom. 5
2. Those who disbelieve in the Hereafter will be tormented. 8
3. But some of the jinn Allah burned with flaming Fire. 12
4. Those who strive against Allah’s revelations will be brought to the doom. 38
5. Those who worshipped the jinn will taste the doom of the Fire. 41
6. Allah hates those who ignore his messengers. 45
7. Those who are cast into hell be terrified when they see that they have no escape. Then they will believe. But it will be too late. 51-52

Quran Surah 35: The Angels

1. Those who disbelieve will have an awful doom. 7
2. Allah sends whoever he wants astray. 8
3. Allah hates disbelievers. 26
4. Disbelievers will burn forever in the fire of hell. Allah will keep them alive so that he can torture them forever. When they repent and ask for mercy, he will ignore them. 36-7
5. He who disbelieves, his disbelief will be on his own head. 39
6. Allah has blinded the disbelievers so that they cannot see the truth. So it don’t bother warning them.

Quran Surah 36: Ya Sin

1. They will go to hell anyway. 8-10
2. Allah has destroyed many entire generations. 31
3. If Allah feels like it, he will drown everyone. 43
4. Allah will burn the disbelievers in hell. 63-4

Quran Surah 37: Those Who Set The Ranks

1. Those who refuse to believe in Muhammad’s revelations will face a painful doom. 31-38
2. Those in hell must eat from a tree with the heads of devils, and then drink boiling water. After that they return to hell. 62-68
3. Allah drowned everyone except Noah and his family in the flood. 82
4. Allah tells Abraham in a dream to sacrifice his son. (But is the son Ishmael or Isaac?) 102
5. Allah killed everyone in Sodom except for Lot and his family. 136
6. No one is against Allah, except those who burn in hell. 162-3

Quran Surah 38: Sad

1. Allah has destroyed many generations. 3
2. Those who doubt will soon taste Allah’s doom. 8
3. Those who deny the messengers deserve doom. 14
4. Those who wander from the way of Allah will have an awful doom. 26
5. Those who disbelieve will burn in the Fire. 27
6. The transgressors will roast in the Fire and be forced to drink boiling liquids followed by ice cold drinks. 55-9
7. Iblis asks Allah to let him hang around and mislead humans. Allah allows him to do so, and Iblis leads all humans to hell except for the single-minded slaves. Allah agrees, and plans to fill hell with Iblis and his followers. 79-85

Quran Surah 39: The Troops

1. Tell the disbelievers to enjoy themselves now, because later they will be owners of the Fire. 8
2. The losers will be those who lose themselves and their families on the Day of Resurrection. They will be surrounded by fire. 15-16
3. No one will be able to help those that Allah torments in the Fire. 19
4. Woe unto those who forget Allah. They are in plain error. 22
5. Allah sends some people astray. For them there is no guide. 23
6. The worst thing you can do is tell a lie against Allah. The home of disbelievers is hell. 32
7. Allah sends some people astray. For them there is no guide. 36
8. Surrender to Allah before he sends the doom upon you suddenly. 54-55
9. Those who lie about Allah will be sent to hell and will have their faces blackened. 60
10. Losers are those who disbelieve the revelations of Allah. 63
11. Those ascribe a partner to Allah (like the Christians) will be among the losers. 65
12. Those who disbelieve will be driven into hell. 71-72

Quran Surah 40: The Believer

1. Allah sent an awful punishment at the time of Noah. 5
2. Those who disbelieve are the owners of the Fire. 6
3. Allah greatly abhors those who disbelieve. 10
4. When the doom comes, the hearts of the doomed will choke in their throats, and no one will help them. 18
5. Those who ignore Allah’s “clear proofs” will be seized and punished severely. 22
6. Those that Allah sends astray will have no helper or guide. 33
7. Allah deceives those who doubt. 34
8. The prodigals will be owners of the Fire. 43
9. The doomed will be exposed to the Fire morning and evening. 46
10. Those in hell will beg to be relieved from the Fire’s torment for just a day. But the prayer of a disbeliever is in vain. 49-50
11. Those who bicker about Allah’s revelations are filled with pride. 56
12. Those who scorn Allah will go to hell. 60
13. Those who deny the revelations of Allah are perverted. 63
14. Those who deny the Scripture and Allah’s messengers will be dragged through boiling water and thrust into the Fire. 70-72
15. Allah will taunt the Christians in hell, saying: Where are all my partners that you used to believe in? 73
16. Thus does Allah send astray the disbelievers (in his guidance). 74
17. Those who scorn will go to hell. 76
18. When they see Allah’s doom they will believe in Allah. But their faith will not save them. The disbelievers will be ruined. 84-85

Quran Surah 41: Fusilat

1. Woe unto the idolaters who disbelieve in the Hereafter. 6
2. Allah will make life miserable for those who deny his revelations and then he will torment them forever in the Hereafter. And they will not be helped. 15-16
3. The enemies of Allah will be gathered into the Fire where their skin, ears, and eyes will testify against them. 19-20
4. Allah will make those who disbelieve taste an awful doom. Their immortal home will be the Fire, since they denied Allah’s revelations. 27-28
5. Those who disbelieve will taste hard punishment. 50

Quran Surah 42: The Counsel

1. While some lounge in the Garden, others will roast in the Flame. 7
2. Those who argue about Allah will have his wrath upon them. Theirs will be an awful doom. 16
3. Allah sometimes kills people for misbehaving. 34
4. Allah sends some people astray and then punishes them for it by burning them in the Fire. 44-46
5. Allah makes some people barren. (Whenever he feels like it.) 50

Quran Surah 43: Ornaments of God

1. When the Egyptians angered Allah, he drowned them all. 55
2. Those who argue and do wrong will have a painful doom that will come upon them suddenly. 65-66
3. The guilty are tormented forever in hell. Allah will not relax their punishment. 74-75

Quran Surah 44: Smoke

1. Those in torment will claim to believe and ask Allah for relief. But he will refuse since they will return to their disbelief. 11-16
2. Those in hell must eat from a tree like molten brass that burns their bellies. Then boiling water will be poured on their heads. 43-48

Quran Surah 45: Crouching

1. Those who hear and reject Allah’s revelations are sinful liars. Give them tidings of a painful doom. 7-8
2. Those who joke about Allah’s revelations will go to hell. Theirs will be an awful doom. 9-10
3. Those who disbelieve in Allah’s revelations will have a painful doom of wrath. 11
4. Allah sends some people astray, making it impossible for them to hear or see. 23
5. Those who disbelieve are guilty folk. 31

Quran Surah 46: The Wind-Curved Sandals

1. Disbelievers will be rewarded with the ignominious doom of the Fire. 20
2. The guilty will face a wind with a painful torment. 25
3. Allah has destroyed entire towns. 27
4. Allah will taunt the disbelievers that he torments in the fire, saying: “Taste the doom for that ye disbelieved.” 34

Quran Surah 47: Muhammad

1. Allah makes the works of disbelievers vain. 1
2. Those who disbelieve follow falsehood. 3
3. Smite the necks of the disbelievers whenever you fight against them. Those who die fighting for Allah will be rewarded. 4
4. Allah will damn the disbelievers and make all their actions fruitless. 8-9
5. Disbelievers may eat and be happy now, but the Fire will be their final home. 12
6. Those in the Garden will drink delicious wine, while those in the Fire will drink boiling water that will tear apart their intestines. 15
7. Allah curses people by making them deaf and blind. 23
8. Angels will gather them together and smite their faces and backs. 27
9. Allah will make the actions those who disbelieve fruitless. 32
10. Those who disbelieve will never be pardoned by Allah. 34-35

Quran Surah 48: Victory

1. Those who think an evil thought concerning Allah will be cursed and sent to hell by him. 6
2. Allah has prepared a flame for the disbelievers. 13
3. If you refuse to fight for Allah, he will punish you with a painful doom. 16-17
4. But if you’re willing to fight for Allah, he will provide you with lots of booty. 19-20
5. Allah punished those who disbelieved with a painful punishment. 25
6. Those with Muhammad are ruthless toward disbelievers and merciful toward themselves. 29

Quran Surah 49: The Private Apartments

1. Do not lift your voice when in Muhammad’s presence. Those who subdue their voices are righteous and will receive an immense reward from Allah. 1-3

Quran Surah 50: Oaf

1. Allah has destroyed many entire generations. 36

Quran Surah 51: The Winnowing Winds

1. Accursed are the conjecturers who ask: When is the Day of Judgment? It is the day they will be tormented by the Fire. 10-14
2. Woe to the disbelievers. 60

Quran Surah 52: The Mount

1. Those who deny the existence of hell will be thrust into its Fire. 11-16
2. Those who disbelieve are trapped. 42

Quran Surah 54: The Moon

1. Allah sent a storm of stones on Lot’s folk, killing all but Lot ‘s family. 34
2. The suffering in hell will be more wretched and bitter than anything experienced on earth. 46-48
3. Allah destroyed many people, but does anyone remember anymore? 51

Quran Surah 55: The Beneficent

1. The guilty deny hell. But after they die they go circling between it and fierce, boiling water. 43-44

Quran Surah 56: The Event

1. But those on his left hand will face scorching wind, scalding water, and black smoke. 42-43
2. Those who deny Allah and the Hereafter will eat from the Zaqqum tree and drink boiling water. 51-54
3. Allah will welcome the rejecters and erring with boiling water and a roasting in the hell fire. 92-94

Quran Surah 57: Iron

1. The home of disbelievers is the Fire, a hapless journey’s end. 15
2. Those who disbelieve and deny Allah’s revelations are the owners of the fire. 19

Quran Surah 58: She That Disputeth

1. For disbelievers is a painful doom. 4
2. For disbelievers is a shameful doom. 5
3. Don’t make friends with Allah’s enemies. For those who do so, Allah has prepared a dreadful doom. 14-15
4. Those who turn others away from the way of Allah will have a shameful doom. They are rightful owners of the Fire. 16-17
5. Those who oppose Allah and His Messenger will be among the lowest. 20
6. On the Last Day good Muslims will not love their non-Muslim friends and family members, not even their fathers, sons, or brothers (or their mothers, daughters, or sisters). 22

Quran Surah 59: Exile

1. Allah cast fear into the hearts of the disbelieving People of the Scripture. Their home in the Hereafter will be the Fire. 2-3
2. The disbelieving people of the Scripture are liars. 11
3. The devil and disbelievers will be in the Fire. 16-17
4. The owners of the Garden and the owners of the Fire are not equal. 20

Quran Surah 60: She That is to be Examined

1. Don’t be friends with disbelievers. They are your (and Allah’s) enemy. 1
2. Don’t be friends with those who have warred against you because of religion. Whoever makes friends with them is a wrong-doer. 9
3. Don’t be friends with those who disbelieve in the Hereafter. They are Allah’s enemies. 13

Quran Surah 61: The Ranks

1. Allah loves those who fight for him. 4
2. Allah leads some people astray. 5
3. The worst thing you can do is tell a lie about Allah. 7

Quran Surah 62: The Congregation

1. A hypocritical Jew looks like an ass carrying books. Those who deny the revelations of Allah are ugly. 5

Quran Surah 63: The Hypocrites

1. Allah seals the hearts of those who believe and then disbelieve so that they can understand nothing. 3
2. Disbelievers are perverted. They are the enemy, confounded by Allah. 4
3. Don’t bother to ask Allah to forgive the disbelievers. He will never forgive them. 6

Quran Surah 64: Mutual Disillusion

1. Those who disbelieve will have a painful doom. 5
2. Those who disbelieve are the owners of the Fire. 10

Quran Surah 66: Banning

1. Muhammad’s wives need to be careful. If they criticize their husband, Allah will replace them with better ones. 5
2. The fuel of the Fire is men and stones. 6
3. Be stern with disbelievers. They are going to Hell anyway. 9
4. The wives of Noah and Lot (who were both righteous) betrayed their husbands and are now in the Fire. 10

Quran Surah67: The Sovereignty

1. Disbelievers will go to hell where they will hear its roaring and boiling. 6-7
2. Who will protect the disbelievers from a painful doom? (Nobody) 28

Quran Surah 69: The Reality

1. Those who do not believe in Allah will be chained up and cast into hell-fire where they will eat filth. 30-35

Quran Surah 71: Noah

1. Those that Allah drowned in Noah’s flood were then tortured forever in the Fire. 25
2. Noah asked Allah to drown all the disbelievers. 26

Quran Surah 72: The Jinn

1. The fires of hell will be fueled with the bodies of idolators and unbelievers. They will experience an ever-greater torment. 15-17
2. Those who disobey Allah and his messenger will dwell forever in the fire of hell. 23

Quran Surah 73: The Enshrouded One

1. Allah will take care of the deniers. He will tie them up, burn them in a raging fire, and feed them food that chokes them. 11-13

Quran Surah 74: The Cloaked One

1. The last day will be a day of anguish for disbelievers. 9-10
2. Those who are stubborn to Allah’s revelations will face a fearful doom. 16-17
3. The fire of hell shrivels humans and spares nothing. 27-29
4. Allah has appointed angels to tend the Fire and has prepared stumbling blocks for those who disbelieve. He sends some people (whoever he wants) astray. 31
5. Allah is the font of fear. 56

Quran Surah 76: “Time” or “Man”

1. Allah has prepared chains, manacles, and a raging fire for the disbelievers. 4
2. Don’t obey disbelievers. 24

Quran Surah 77: The Emissaries

1. Allah destroyed “the former folk.” 16
2. Woe unto the repudiators on that day! 19, 24, 28, 34, 40, 45, 49



November 30, 2009

J. Grant Swank, Jr.

That’s correct.

Tolerant Switzerland is putting it to Muslims inside its borders.

Minarets have to go. Slice them off.  Dump them. No more skylines ruined with poking the clouds with Islam’s symbolic pride and power.

Swiss voters slapped a “blanket ban” on spikes in the air, per AFP and Swiss’ new agency ATS.

That’s moving forward.

If other countries wised up, civilization could gain ground again. If not, Muslim murdering-the-infidels spread will increase. Decent, law-abiding citizens must act. They must defend their cultures rather than brag on multiculturalism, as Europeans have been boasting lately.

Now these various nations are concluding that multiculturalism is all right when it refers to cultures representing civility. But when Islamics try to slide in under multiculturalism, they are barbarics that just don’t fit, no matter if they attempt to be “moderates.”

After all, who can define a “moderate Muslim”? All Allah disciples are committed to slay infidels or be slain by zealots. What does that mean for sleeper cells waiting for the call to slice and dice non-Muslims? It means that in short time we non-Islamics are spewing forth the blood fountains.

Therefore, topple the Allah might-symbol atop mosques. Rid that power fling from society. Then go after the mosques themselves, as well as the so-called spiritual leaders holding seminars on how ruin nations.

America must rid itself of Islamic schools teaching their young to hate non-Muslims. Some of these schools have received press coverage; but they are still open. Are they in your neighborhood?

America must rid itself of Islamic websites—4000 of them—that play “friendly” while defending Muslim intrusions till the sleeper cell call-ups broadcast.

America must rid itself of Muslim military personnel who give obvious signals of plotting terror.

Americans, in other words, must do more than they are doing in order to presence freedoms for citizens who deserve freedoms. Muslims intent on prostituting freedoms must be deported.

Yes, no niceness. Deportation.

“The SVP had forced a referendum under Swiss regulations on the issue after collecting 100,000 signatures within 18 months from eligible voters.

“Switzerland has an uneasy relationship with its
Muslim population of some 400,000 in a country of 7.5 million people. Islam is the second largest religion here after Christianity.”

“Uneasy relationship” is the sweet way of saying Switzerland has finally come to its basics before Allah’s murderers swing sword.


November 30, 2009

J. Grant Swank, Jr.

“Is the honeymoon over?”

That’s Katie Couric going after Barack Hussein Obama, Marxist Muslim as defined by those who know.

Can “CBS Evening News” actually permit Couric a line of truth? Appears so. Will it last. Only time will tell. But let’s grasp the present-tense to realize that The Boy may just be figured out as Failure One by liberals.

“Although President Obama has been in office less than a year, many Americans are growing disenchanted with his handling of the enormous problems he and the country are facing, from healthcare to unemployment to Afghanistan.

“His poll numbers are sliding, and at least one poll shows his job approval rating has fallen, for the first time, below 50 percent,” Couric said per NewsMax.

Can it be that hard heads wedded to ruining our Republic with Pied Piper Obama leading the route to his lying machine could be seeing the light? Maybe. If they follow the light, they will have to discard the dark side of Pennsylvania Avenue. That would be quite the dump; but miracles happen.

Is this the Couric who snided Sarah Palin? Yes.

Couric actually said that our citizenry could become “disenchanted” with Obama.

NewsMax continues: “Correspondent Chris Reid chimed in: ‘The president is getting battered on everything from the economy to foreign policy. Some polls show Americans are increasingly questioning his credibility.’”

That would mean that conservatives are being joined by the newly converted to facts. That would be most encouraging if it is true and if it continues till Obama is ousted from the White House, that not being soon enough.

“’The president is getting battered. . .’”

That battering must be waged day and night. FOXNews and bloggers as well as conservative websites are getting out the basics 24 / 7 so that the grassroots is wiping out mob hysteriacs who crowned Muslim O. But no let-up can be permitted.

Media continued to expose Obama as not producing anything worthwhile concerning unemployment. There is no “change.” There is no “hope” from his power slings. His czars are useless for the nation’s good. His shadow government is composed of loons.

Note this important NewMax statement: “CBS also cited a poll showing that only 14 percent of Americans believe Obama’s claim that healthcare reform won’t add to the budget deficit, and only 7 percent believe that the stimulus has created any jobs at all.”

As for Afghanistan, media stated that Obama is “indecisive,” not good for Americans’ conclusion regarding his acumen.

The report also criticized the president for being “indecisive” on Afghanistan, and for returning from his recent Asian trip “with little to show for it.”

“An expert was quoted as describing his trip as the ‘amateur hour,’ as he did not line up agreements with foreign countries before venturing abroad.”


November 30, 2009

J. Grant Swank, Jr.

It’s what Jews, Protestant evangelicals and informed Catholics have known all along. Muslims are out to kill Muslims if the latter associate with non-Muslims. That’s what Allah demands.

That’s what makes Islam a killing religion. It’s not a “peace religion.”

And American political leadership in particular had better stop referring to it as a “peace religion.” That shows ignorance. Further, it’s not fair to communicate falsehoods to the American grassroots.

Islam is not really a religion as much as it is a killing cult. And America shuts down killing cults.

However, Americans are also so tolerant of religion — any religion except Christianity these days — that their mindset says, “Yes, Muslims coexist nicely alongside Buddhists and Hindus and Shintoists and Jews and Christians and animists and atheists and agnostics. Yes they do. Isn’t that nice?”

Well, it’s nice if you are any world religion but Islamic. Then you are a part of a killing cult. And what makes the cult so bizarre is that it not only seeks to slay every non-Muslim—that is, EVER non-Muslim — BUT ALSO EVERY MUSLIM WHO IS NOT LIVING UP TO THE KILLING DICTATE.

Muslims who don’t follow through with ridding the world of the infidels — the non-Muslims — are backslidden renegades who by their own cowardice are under orders from Allah to be slain. That’s it. Nothing other than a killing cult: Muslims are to lay low Muslims who don’t lay low non-Muslims.

There is no use glossing over Islam. There is no reasonable place for Islam on the planet. And any national leaders anywhere who proceeds to “educate” the public about the “peace religion” called Islam is doing the global community a huge disfavor.

We have a tape now from international Muslim killer Aba Musab al-Zarqawi in which he states emphatically that the deity of Islam demands that Muslims do away with non-Muslims.

Therefore, those Muslims in the New Iraq who cooperate with other religionists and those of no religion are cowards of the first order. Therefore, those backslidden Muslims must be slain along with the infidels. There is no other choice. It’s in the Koran. Allah has stipulated it in that book — the Holy Book which is in actuality the unholy treatise scribed by demons in honor of Lucifer-Allah.

Fox News and Associated Press reports provide the following: “A tape said to have been recorded by terror mastermind Abu Musab al-Zarqawi condemns the new government in Baghdad and claims the killing of fellow Muslims is justified in attacks against U.S. soldiers and Iraqi security forces.

“’God ordered us to attack the infidels by all means … even if armed infidels and unintended victims — women and children — are killed together,’ the speaker said. ‘The priority is for jihad so anything that slows down jihad should be overcome.’”

There is more: “’This right (the jihad) is justified by Islam even if it resulted in the death of a number of Muslims who happen to be in the place during the fighting for one reason or another, provided that it is not possible to avoid them and the difficulty in distinguishing between them and the infidel military fighters.’”

And still more: “Shiites are ‘collaborating with the worshippers of the cross,’ who invaded Iraq, corrupted the country and violated holy sites, the speaker said. ‘This is all taking place under of a state of apostasy among the rulers of this nation.’”

All of this is to incite Muslims within New Iraq to reject the new government, kill off any non-Muslims and those Muslims who refuse to do so. That’s the bottom line of that tape. That’s what Muslim zealots international are intent on performing global. It’s not a one-time thing. It’s not a one-locale thing. It’s till the end of the time everywhere.

That’s a killing cult. It exists now in the United States.

It is fostered by such web sites as CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and that site’s satellite networks throughout the nation. That site and its surrogates paint Islam as a peace-adhering religion, the clerics as public relations community workers, and the Koran as a revered book from the divine.

Of course, all of that is a lie and is lived out daily in our newscasts, now through this tape recording.

So who will we believe: CAIR or the daily blood flowing in the alleys due to Muslim enthusiasts seeing through the postulates of their killing cult?

Washington DC had better wise up to the truth about Islam and then communicate that to every town hall and school in the country. Right now various school systems are inviting Islamic speakers to speak sweetly to school district staff, encouraging acceptance of Islam.

Right now various college and university campuses have Islamic speakers in classrooms, debunking America and lifting high Islam.

Right now there are various leaflets and booklets put in libraries by such organizations as CAIR, all in the interest of lying to the American public about Islam being for peace and love and goodwill.

It’s time that TV newscasters spoke the truth about Islam, that American pulpits pronounced the truth about this killing cult, and that politicians on every level nationwide alert every citizen as to what really is going on with the importation of Islam to this country.


November 29, 2009

J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Other countries are slowly waking up to the Muslim intrusion. That break-in breeds violence, flattens community, and seeks to overtake civility for barbarism.

Actually, some political leaders here and there are taking the matter seriously so as to strap down these madhouse Muslims.

For instance, in Canada, immigrants are told in no uncertain terms what is expected if they want to stay put. There will be no genital mutilation, for instance. That cuts through Islamic customs centuries’ old. The female children are mutilated so that they are ready recipients of male domination. Not so in Canada.

Canada has also banned honor killings. That’s basic turf on which to build a society worth calling cultured. Yet in Islamic environs honor killing is daily bloodflow. If a woman is concluded by clan males to have defamed that clan, she can be shot in the head. When Iraq was overseen by Killer Hussein, females frequently were dragged into soccer stadiums, shot in the head and left as examples to other women to toe the male line.

Canada will not tolerate spousal abuse. What goes on in some Muslim cluster communities is horrific. Other Muslims provide cover so that the non-Muslims don’t find out about the violence. It’s “their way.” But Canadian civil authorities are spelling it out to immigrants that authorities will investigate. They will uncover. They will find out what is bedeviling their neighborhoods in the name of Allah.

It is not the “Welcome” sign to Muslim mayhem that one might think could slip through into Canadian culture. Instead, enough has become known about the Islamic cult to begin to cleanse the nation of that which undermines and destroys. America needs to do the same.

Britain was surprised at first by the influx of Muslims en masse. But gradually Brits have come to their senses. Of course, much more needs to be done; but at least what’s started no doubt, thank God, will continue in order to rid the nation of Islamic slice and dice.

A particular police force has been set up in Britain to know what really is going on in Muslim households and communal settings. The focus is particularly on honor killing. The police have told the public that any Brit who has been kidnapped to a “foreign country” will be returned to Britain. Pakistan specifically has had a happy time of it slipping these females out of Britain for hell’s corridors.

What about females who think they are going to be slaughtered by male Muslims ready to slit their throats. The women can ask for a witness-protection plan to be enforced for their lives’ sake. This is a major move forward on the side of civilization continuance.

What about Brit’s legal cases file that is laden with honor killings
data? Scotland Yard has started to dust off those files for proper investigations.

Europe has been threatened, scolded, stomped on and yelled at by Muslim fanatics bent on taking over. Europe has been slow at moving against the enemy. But Europeans are starting to get the message that if they don’t bury the Muslim murderers and rapists and thieves, there won’t be much Europe niceties left.

Europe is moving to install protection of females, especially Muslim immigrant women who could be buried via honor killings. Europe’s pouted praiseworthy ‘multiculturalism’ has painted over its face a deadly scar. That pain has screamed loudly enough for power structures to hear the cry. Does Europe want to be drenched in blood or open their windows to morning breezes of delight and song?

Now what about America and its handouts, its stupid tolerance, its Muslim President hiding truth from our nation?

Yes, there are honor killings in the land of the free and home of the brave.

There is domestic violence fostered by adherence to the blood verses of the Koran. There are females who are treated as worthless, as dung. There are wife beatings. There are forced nuptials. There are brand new mosques constructed to instruct males in how to be instruments of cruelty over women and children.

America, take off the blind folds.

Read “How America Will Fall to Islam” at


November 29, 2009

J. Grant Swank, Jr.

This does not need commentary. I received it from a friend:

“I thought I would let everyone know that I took a deer into Archers Meats in Fishers, Indiana on Friday after Thanksgiving. It is the same place I have taken deer for 20 years.

“They told me they couldn’t take my deer today because it was a Muslim holiday and the Muslims were in the BACK SACRIFICING GOATS TO ALLAH.

“I repeated back to her slowly and in a shocked tone what she had just said to me.

“Then I told her: ‘Shame on you for putting your customers on the back burner and the American Hunter to the side while the people we are at WAR with practice their religion in the back of your building hidden from public eye.’

“I left. My deer and my business.

“Will now go to Marsh Deer processing at 8820 W. US. Highway 36 Middletown, Indiana 47356 at 765-779-4353. It’s not that far away.

“Please let all the people know about this.

“If I wouldn’t have gone to jail I would have gone back to spit on the floor in front of the Muslims and draw my weapon.

“This is America. Let’s keep it.”

Read How America Will Fall To Islam at


November 29, 2009

J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Schools will instruct pupils on the “religion of peace,” Islam. Now Islamic speakers are invited into school systems to teach faculty and principals about the goodness of Islam.

Mosque clerics will be regarded the same as the Methodist minister down the street. After all, a cleric is a cleric.

Liberal groups such as the Episcopal Church, Unitarian-Universalist Society, and United Church of Christ (Congregational) will look upon Islam as a world religion among religions, thus deserving equal space with Christianity and Judaism.

Local clergy associations will welcome Muslim clerics into their fellowship.

Liberal politicians will champion Islam as compatible with America because they will believe the lies on 4000 Muslim web sites. After all, America welcomes all equally.

Theologically conservative leaders such as Billy Graham’s son, Franklin Graham, will be black listed for publishing factual books exposing Islam as a violent cult. He already has suffered such. He has been silenced by the liberal element in the United States.

Politicians and religious liberals will regard “peace religion” Islam as being highjacked by “insurgents” and “terrorists” rather than realizing that all Muslims are aligned with the same killing passages replete in the unholy book, the Koran.

Schools will set aside rooms for Muslim prayers during school hours. Airports will follow suit. Independent living residential communities will follow suit. Just as they have chapels, they will have mosque centers.

Public buildings will provide prayer rooms for Muslim prayers just as a local athletic building in New Jersey has done so for Muslim sports figures there.

Newspapers’ religion pages will place mosque advertisements for meetings and so forth right alongside the advertisements for churches. They will also provide regular feature articles on Islam as a “peace religion,” just as the local city paper already does where I live.

The sharia will become legal fare in most countries, including America. This Koran-based judicial system that enhances murder and maiming as well as discrimination against females will be set aside as proper for the Muslim community.

Islamic professors will pepper the universities and colleges throughout the nation, propagating the message that Islam is a “peace religion.” They will likewise blackball Christianity and Judaism, as is presently the fashion. This takes place presently.

Religious colleges that are theologically liberal will have Muslim instructors and personnel on staff in order to give the public relations image that they are open to all beliefs.

Chapel services on theologically liberal religious-oriented campuses will have Muslim speakers to balance out theologically liberal “Christian” preachers. Already at Bates College, Lewiston, Maine, the campus chapel is decorated with flag banners of all world religions, including Islam. The banners hang from the sanctuary ceiling.

Islamic so-called holy days will be legitimatized as holidays necessitating celebration and days off from work throughout the nation

Islamic symbols will decorate our stamps..

Islamic authors will become popular in “reading America.”

Peace themes focusing on Islamic actors will be placed in television sitcoms.

TV series such as “Sleeper Cells” will become passe and regarded as out of date and out of fact.

Legislation will be passed stating that anything truthfully negative about Islam will be regarded as a “hate crime.”

Certain Islamic personages will run for political offices and will win their elections. This takes place now.

The National Council of Churches will welcome Islam into its membership.

Liberal seminaries such as Harvard Divinity School will baptize Islam as a legitimate religion among world religions, just as HDS does already in its world religions building / courses.

It will become posh for Islamic speakers to be featured on talk shows and at book forums in local communities.

The Koran will be placed alongside the Bible in hospital chapels, just as it already is placed in the chapel in the city hospital near where I live.

The headscarf used by Muslim women will become fashionable for non-Muslim women in America. Already the headscarf clad young women appearing in various advertisements on the Internet.

Advertisements will include in their human figures not only whites and blacks and Hispanics but also obviously garbed Muslims.

“Jihad” will change its meaning from murder and maiming to improving the inner self, just as it is now defined on the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) lying web site.

Muslims will establish charitable causes to which the public will be asked to contribute, moneys used to enhance Islam and thereby overtake the nation.

Christians and Jews will be relegated to a lower status than Islam. Christians and Jews will be informed to be quiet, hold no meetings or seminars teaching the facts about Islam, and squelch any preaching against Islam.

Political liberals such as “Rev.” Jesse Jackson will come to the fore as comrades of Islam, presenting Christianity and Islam as monotheistic religions of common foundation. It will become posh for Islam and Christianity and Judaism to be presented as the three great monotheistic religions of the world, thus giving Islam equal footing with the other two religions.

There will be much talk about all three religions having Abraham as “the father of the faith.”

Regarding Islam as a killing cult will expose the offender as committing a “hate crime.”

University and college commencement addresses, particularly those on the state level, will feature Islamic speakers.

Islamic killers in America will be regarded as an anomaly and embarrassment to Islam as the true “religion of peace.”

Sunday school curricula in liberal denominations will feature Islam as a legitimate world religion.

Islam will become a highlight article feature in theologically liberal publications. Already such articles have appeared in the Harvard Divinity School Bulletin.

Islamic literature will be distributed widely freely throughout the nation, similarly to such literature distributed by Moonies at airport terminals.

Koran killing passages will be rephrased so as to erase the Koran killing-passages just as such quotes are changed on the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC). These changes will appear in the American publication of the Koran placed in public buildings.

Government agencies, particularly in Washington DC, will cower before Muslim demands just as they did as set forth in the article above.

Muslims elsewhere on the planet will cause such mayhem that America will fear such coming to this country and therefore will give Muslims anything they want in order to keep the blood from flowing our USA streets.