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December 3, 2009

J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Muslim Barack Hussein Obama was quick to tell the public not to jump to conclusions regarding Army psychiatrist Muslim Nidal Malik Hasan’s killing spree.

One Muslim must protect another Muslim. Obama must protect Hasan.

It is the same in Afghanistan. Muslim Obama is bound to protect US Muslim militia from killing Afghan Muslim killers. What restrictions then will Obama put on troops newly sent to Afghanistan? When will the public find out about them?

Obama has worked his popularity into a macabre corner. He has brought the horrific dilemma on himself. America will pay the bloody price for it.

When he proudly stated after election that he had won, he had won what? He had won the chance to lie daily about his birth certificate, his church membership, his ties with Islam World Rule, his shadow government, his czars, his transplanted Illinois crooks into his DC power push and on and on.

Now more and more his lies are elevating him to the impossible. What will crop up next? Fort Hood slayings stunned Muslim Obama. He did not respond sincerely with sympathy to families of the stricken. He was wooden. Why? Because his real sympathy was with the Muslim killer.

Obama is not sincerely supporting our troops in Afghanistan. Why? Because he, Muslim, is overseeing American military who are having to wipe out slaughtering Afghan Muslims. His real sympathies are with Muslim Afghans who seek Islam World Rule.

It is a crazy Oval Office and Americans are reaping the mob hysteriacs who pushed a Muslim into the White House.

Ramadan means more to him than the National Day of Prayer.

Allah means more to him that the Christ of his hoax Trinity United Church of Christ.

The Koran means more to him than the Bible as
America’s Christian heritage spiritual guide.

Fellow Muslims mean more to him that American

Fort Hood murderer stands out in bold relief as the evident example of Obama’s split personality.



WRIGHT RE JESUS: ‘Throw his cracker ass out of here!”

November 22, 2009

J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Barack Hussein Obama and family sat under this cultic lecturer’s diatribes for twenty years:

The following is from a Jeremiah Wright sermon, “And God Said to Moses: I Hate Those Honkey-Ass Crackers” as posted at IMAO’s website:

Now this is outright blasphemy against Christ. Read it and call it what it is – the spirit of antiChrist:

“Now some tell me that we shouldn’t be for killing the honkeys. We should just turn the other cheek. Who says this? That cracker Jesus!

“Well, answer me this: Has Jesus ever been called a [n-word]? Did anyone invent AIDS to kill Jesus?

“Well, maybe Jesus should not be lecturing the black man on what he should and should not be doing. As we speak, the government is working on plans to send all black people to Venus! That’s right: NASA is going to send us to Venus where it is inhospitable to life and we will all die.

“So what does Jesus have to say about that? Nothing! God bless Jesus? No. God [expletive] Jesus!

“To hell with him! Throw his cracker ass out of here!”

The sermon begins with this opening paragraph: “When Moses finally escaped the Egyptians, he turned to God and asked, ‘There could surely be no one as bad at those people?’

“God said to Moses, ‘Yes there are. Beware the honkeys. Beware the crackers. Especially beware the Jews. I hate all those people. Frankly, if you blow up their buildings, that’s okay with me.'”

Jeremiah Wright is no Christian preacher. Diatribe as above is satanic. Any biblical clergyperson will vouch for that. There is no question when a biblical believer reads that kind of madness. It is satanic.

I do not believe then that Muslim B. Hussein Obama did not hear that kind of blasphemy over the two decades he sat in that sanctuary. Michelle heard it also. They both listened and took it in.

Why then did Muslim B. Hussein Obama remain there?

Because he thought, with the congregation numbering into the thousands, it would be politically advantageous to his future.

And it was. With that he became popular in Illinois which led to him making it to the US Congress.

In being politically opportunistic by joining that political plant called a “church,” Muslim Obama had likewise to join hands with Nation of Islam Louis Farakkhan for the latter was within Muslim Obama’s political district.

In being friends to Farrakhan and that Muslim conclave, Muslim Obama employed some of those in NOI on his Congressional and campaign staff.

Muslim Obama tolerated outright blasphemy, the misuse of the name of Jesus, the maligning of the ministry and incarnation of the Son of God.

For that, Muslim Obama will pay a dear price at the Judgment Seat of Christ. His soul is in grave danger of damnation.

Adding to his political opportunism by aligning with a mentor blasphemer and Islamic organizations, Muslim Obama also damns his soul by endorsing killing infants in wombs, sodomy, human stem cell research, and erasing the Judeo-Christian heritage from the US in favor of melding all religions into one.

All of the above is absolutely counter to God’s Word.

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November 22, 2009

By J. Grant Swank, Jr.

“In the wake of 9/11, my meetings with Arab and Pakistani Americans … have a more urgent quality, for the stories of detentions and FBI questioning and hard stares from neighbors have shaken their sense of security and belonging,” he laments. “I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

That is what Barack Obama wrote in his book, “Audacity.”

Now you can be sure that when Obama is in the White House, something “ugly” will occur to offend the nation’s “Arab and Pakistani Americans”—in other words, Muslims.

So whose side will Obama then take?

He will side with the Muslims per his own public statement in his book. There is no question. It is right there.

That is not the closet Muslim which he’s been. That’s the out-in-the-open Muslim hinted about even present-tense.

“I will stand with them. . .”

That is why he stands with them in the pro-Islam sanctuary called Trinity United Church of Christ. That’s why Obama embraces Jeremiah Wright’s pro-Muslim crowning of Nation of Islam Louis Farrakhan.

That’s why Obama, with his Muslim childhood schooling, endorses the mosque-cleric-like angry yelling of Wright’s pulpit delivery.

That’s why Obama states in “Audacity” that Judeo-Christian heritage will recede as an all-religions country emerges. Obviously, from his siding with Muslims, Muslims in particular will have the upper hand in the new America.

It is scary to read just that one paragraph in his book about siding with the Muslims if matters turn “ugly.”

One can be certain that Muslims reading that paragraph will see to it that some offense will strike their sensitivities once The Boy sits in the Oval Office. Their squeals will trigger their discontent thereby triggering Obama the Muslim to spring forth.

Muslim Obama has already given us warning in his book. If we are too stupid to get it, then we are going to suffer the consequences of not being informed.

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November 22, 2009

J. Grant Swank, Jr.

America has always been under attack.

Communists said they’d bury us.

Remember those days when we were instructed as school children to duck under the desks if we heard the alarms? Civil Defense quarters were broadcast so we could find shelter. Some built underground bunkers in their front yards.

Then came along our own opulence. As a Christian given to frugal lifestyle, I became alarmed as America became more and more enamored with its toys. We were beleaguered by our own materialistic lusts.

Things were gods. Money was the Promised Land. And boasting of tangibles was the all-in-all creed. I pondered if we would implode because of our money success—monster homes, for example.

Add to this the “increase of sin,” as Jesus prophesied in Matthew 24. He said it would be one of the prime signs of the close of the Church Age.

Now sin abounds as that which is right. People opt for living together rather than marriage. It is posh to have that significant other. Same-sex ‘marriage’ is the legitimate right.

Sanctuaries empty. Churches close. Clergy trespass. Denominations go left with immoral doctrines.

In the Church of the Nazarene, the holiness denomination in which I was raised, website NazNet, for instance, has Moderator Hans Deventer champion a Bible that is fraught with errors. This is totally against the reliable divine revelation that was preached since the church’s start.

Deventer is joined by Moderator Scott Cundiff who believes in the same errant Scripture. Site Founder and Moderator Dave McClung does nothing to bring these two persons in line with holiness beliefs, though he states repeatedly that the site is Nazarene-friendly. It is not. It is just the opposite.


So we have had threats all along as a biblically originated nation. The thirteen colonies were composed of believers who taught Scripture to school children. Some preachers were renegades; but by and large village pastors delivered sermons regarding biblical truth as God’s Word—without question.

This is the only country on the planet that had such an origin. No other nation had settlers who carried their Bibles, kept the Lord’s Day holy, held to scriptural morality and taught judgment day accountability.

Heaven and hell were real. Jesus was Redeemer. Salvation was through conversion to Jesus. And the God of the Book was the Mighty God.

Of course there were theological liberals who opposed that biblical base; but by and large believers seeking religious freedom in the New World held to the Word’s eternal verities.

In this present age, we have as a citizenry created our own enemies in opulence, outright sinful lifestyles and a steady disregard for the Bible.

But we are still here. Why?

God has continued to show mercy because of the righteous remnant. Their prayers, added to the early colonies’ intercessory prayers, keep divine grace upon America.

It is God’s holy nature to honor is own persona. He cannot go against His caring personhood; consequently, the Republic still stands.

The newest threat to the United States is the Oval Office’s Marxist Muslim and his shadow government/czars impregnating evil government. He is out to destroy our democracy, in that sense beheading the infidels. He has long publicly witnessed that he is Muslim, though too many have never recognized that as fact.

In his left of left policies now set forth with the majority of Democrats in Congress, he is fully intent in obliterating the nation.

Nevertheless, God is still on His throne. God tops Satan.

Therefore, since Allah is Satan, the Koran was scribed by demons, and Islam is a hellish cult, God continues to defend His righteous remnant. His grace children, by simple faith, believe in that with their entire beings.

Consequently, this latest threat from a cult and its devotee, Barack Hussein Obama, will not do away with this Republic. God will level His wrath against those who would obliterate the only country planted in biblical truth.

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